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    I'm not sure if I'm extremely introverted, but it seems that this forum serves my introverted discussion style. The subjects I am interested in are so rare in real life, or the way I like to talk about them. Even if I've got friends who are interested in these things it can be several weeks in between good conversations IRL. Not many people take talking seriously.

    Quote Originally Posted by axa View Post
    I often find myself going into "lurk" mode on forums as i find myself out of depth or otherwise disconnected from the conversations. However from what i can see so far, this is one forum where such tendencies would probably be understood, as people are here because they are interested in what makes themselves and others actually tick.
    Yeah, don't worry about that. I don't think anyone even noticed when I stopped coming here at some point...

    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    In real life it would be impolite to just back out in the middle of a conversation
    Ha! I do that all the time! Maybe I am an extreme introvert after all.

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    A couple of things

    1) As Southern Kross mentioned, being able to slowly think and edit before responding is a major strong point of a forum
    2) Seeing other people face the same issues that I do gives a sense of comradeship, while seeing other people not facing the same issues I do reminds me that not everyone thinks/feels/behaves like I do.
    3) Being anonymous is also good since it's easier (for me at least) to open up to strangers on the Internet. There is still the worry about being judged but here it's easier to just ignore the person(s).
    4) While the main focus of the forum is on typology, there is enough coverage of other topics that I can be intellectually stimulated. Also, the forum has been around long enough that you can find threads about things you want to know but was too embarassed/afraid to ask.
    5) A lot of the people here are scary smart and most are nice enough

    There are probably more but those are my main addiction reasons
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