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    Default The College Life

    I personally read and write for hours a day, take a breaks (during which I read for pleasure or bask in the sun on a fine grassy knoll), and live off Trader Joes frozen food, gallons of chocolate milk and all night LOTR marathons.

    What does it, or did it, entail for you?

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    Mmhm, mine was much less relaxed, lol, since I was part of a sports team and working part-time, so basically I spent all my time either going to lectures, practicing or working...
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    I'm still living it!

    So far, it's been super crazy. I've learned so much about myself and about other people more than I have in any other time in my life. I'm only a sophomore, but I can certainly say that every semester has been extremely different from one another.

    First semester freshman year, let's not even go there. It was the worst experience of my life, as was the second semester. I learned a lot more about failure and how to deal with massive amounts of it in the fall, then in the spring I fell into a depression coma, or I just slept way too much, and fought with a lot of people because drama ensued.

    Once I transferred, I live at home, last semester was boring as hell. I did nothing, I knew nobody, I basically played games, and I joined the ultimate frisbee club. Now I'd say I'm really into it, I also joined the National Honors Fraternity, getting two jobs, made a shitton of friends, not sleeping due to all of these art projects I have to do, and that's basically all this semester was.

    I can forsee the future as facing bigger obstacles, mostly dealing with money. I've learned how to get what you need/want easily without looking like an asshole, and without spending money. You just have to love people with extra money on their meal plans.

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    I'm not enjoying my schooling. It doesn't feel like a lifestyle for me. I go to community college. I show up, do my classes and go home.

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    I can forsee the future as facing bigger obstacles, mostly dealing with money. I've learned how to get what you need/want easily without looking like an asshole, and without spending money.
    The most important thing college has taught me is that most people are just manipulatable lemmings who will do anything for love/happiness/money/popularity etc. If the real world is anything like college, which is basically a more subtle form of high school, where people just follow the crowd, then humans, on the whole, need help.

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    The 2 years I was in community college I switched classes like crazy and then ended up going on anti depressants and found out I was bipolar. Ever since I've gotten on the right medication, I've been much more social, laid back, mentally sharp and easier to be around. I've made some more friends especially this semester. I don't see it much as a lifestyle, just events in your life that tend to point you toward specific activities or thoughts.

    I finished a payroll clerk certificate this semester. This past semester was working full time, attending 2 classes twice a week, doing homework for 2 seated and 2 online classes, and in the spare time, trying to date which turned a failure and making some friends and networking with teachers. It was more of the social opportunities in college which are easier that made me do more things. Other than that stuff, I'd play Team Fortress Classic, Pokemon, keep up with the Pokemon anime in US/Japan, Community and Power Rangers Samurai.

    Are people lemmings? Depends on the person. Each person needs to be looked out for why they act the way they do and what's caused them to act that way. I won't generalize people's behavior, but I will adjust how I interact with them based on my opinion of their behavior.

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