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Thread: Define troll

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    Default Define troll

    what exactly do you think it mean to be a troll? I here the word tossed around a lot in ways that frankly are ridiculous and feel that defining the word is a much needed discussion on this forum. feel free to share any thoughts on the matter
    first off, let's start off with what trolling is NOT
    1) disagreeing with someone who has a different opinion without surgar coating your reponse
    2) seeking to debate of discuss a controversial issue (after all, you can't generally learn a lot from someone who agrees with you on everything)
    3) criticizing someone's behavior if you think it's stupid or uninformed
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    Anew Leaf


    Oh god. My kingdom for someone who will kill me.

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    If it looks like a troll, it could be a troll.

    If we perceive trolling, we must be prepared to face trolling. Whether or not it is actually trolling is unimportant, the individual can simply be instructed to create a more presentable statement in the future. Basically, you can't not accuse someone of trolling, because even if they aren't, they're silly enough to give that kind of vibe, so we have to fix it. Communication is fundamental.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    If it looks like a troll, it could be a troll.
    If it looks like a troll and quacks like a troll we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family JTG on our hands.
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    The way I see trolling is that it's when someone deliberately picks a fight, not for what they might glean from an argument/heated discussion or because they want to correct someone or even interject their opinion, but just for the sake of being antagonistic or because they're bored and want to stir up some drama.

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    Well, there seems to be a common misconception about trollers and flamers, though neither are very accepted.

    Troll: causes maximum disruption and argument through use of provacative statements, flaming comments, and off thread topics with no real belief behind them, for the sake of personal amusement.

    Flamer: can cause disruption and argument, use provacative statements, flaming remarks, because they genuinely disagree with the topic at hand.

    Or atleast thats the way I see it....
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    From the FAQ's:

    Trolling is considered a post or a repeated pattern of posting that involves one or more of the following:

    • An attempt to bait a user into an off topic debate within a thread based upon a personal insult or "flame."
    • An attempt to make a user "go off" on the other through use of personal insult, allusion to personal insult, or inflammatory comments.
    • Repeated antagonizing or harassment of other members, spamming, consistent off-topic posting and/or history of thread derailing.

    In addition to specific posts, the posters pattern of behavior over time will be considered in coming to a determination on trolling behavior.
    It should be emphasized that the primary consideration will be the overall impact of the poster on other forum members, whether that pattern involves direct, indirect or subtle trolling.
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    *hands you a mirror*

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    I think a real hardcore troll actually will say things they don't even mean, just make up shit that they know will upset people, and it usually becomes apparent pretty fast that they make multiple threads and posts intended to offend people, without actually contributing any real thoughtful discussion or positive behavior outside of the provocative posts and threads.

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