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    Default Time travel - where and when would you like to go?

    Thank you for choosing the time travel agency! Before we can book your reservation, we'll need to know:

    1. when you want to go
    2. where you want to go
    3. if you want to be visible or invisible, physically present (good for Roman orgies) or just watch
    4. your baggage requirements (you are allowed to transport up to three objects)
    5. if you want us to schedule an appointment with a specific character from history
    6. if you would prefer to travel by Victorian armchair or by De Laurean

    Our offer includes all around insurance coverage, so you'll be safe if you choose to visit the trenches of Verdun during WWI or the pest ridden canals of 17th century Venice.*

    *Insurance does not cover disruptions of the space-time-continuum caused by gross negligence (killing your own ancestors, etc) or paradox induced psychological trauma.
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    Forward, definitely forward, about 1000 years would be good for starters, the where would be where ever civilisation is thriving. I'd want to interact and I'd take things from this time that could be sold for currency in the future, I don't care how I get there but if the polar icecaps have melted please make my ride water proof.

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    Hmm, I am not sure if going forward would be the best idea, since mankind could already have killed themselves in the future, nevertheless I'ld go forward. Somewhere when spaceships could be possible, if possible at all, would try it 300 years in the future.

    I'ld definitly be intrested to go backwards aswell and to witness some historical events. I'ld like to visit the ancient Rome and Constantinopolis. I'ld like to visit America of the time of Mark Twain and the time before the industrial revolution and I'ld like to visit Germany when Hitler rose to power.

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    1. Every time! Short visits to the earlier stages of this planet, some longterm vacations during the jurassic time period, to the earliest human periods, throughout various important happenings in history until the now and then into the future at 500 year intervals until the end of time/my life.
    2. Wherever the action seems to be.
    3. Depends on the location. I wouldn't want to become t-rex food, or get shot by marshian laser pistols in the future. But where it is safe, interaction might be cool.
    4. Some lunch, maybe an extra pair of boxers
    5. Jesus, I want to test his mbti type.
    6. Victorian armchair

    I got about 6 dollars and 43 cents to spare. Think that'd be enough for my request?
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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