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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post

    Sorry I like cheese...well going to bed see you guys tomorrow

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    I avoid speaking to my family about self-actualizing and my personally-titled "Never-Ending Quest for Satisfaction". I keep a journal, and as soon as my brothers found out... Well, you can guess from there. I get picked on for phrasing things certain ways. When I felt like I was violating my moral principles at work I said something along the lines of "I feel like I'm dirtying myself" and got laughed at.

    But besides that stuff, no I don't mind being a male feeler. Heh, seriously I just try to watch my language and keep the journal hidden. I only talk about my self-actualizing ideas to my ENTJ friend. Like my plan for a year long road trip in three years. My family knows I'm planning it, but when I talk about it they roll their eyes. And for me to ever suggest I don't want a "career" would be blasphemy. Especially when my dad sees my college education as an "investment" rather than a way to "better his son". If he doesn't get a hefty return on that investment he'll be pissed. Probably why he's so opposed to me majoring in philosophy.
    "We are people of this generation, bred in at least modest comfort, housed now in universities, looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit."
    Tom Hayden

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