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  • Aisle

    14 24.14%
  • Window

    38 65.52%
  • Middle seat like a weirdo

    1 1.72%
  • Don't care

    3 5.17%
  • Other?

    2 3.45%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZPowers View Post
    Hey let's do a pointless poll cause why not.

    I prefer the window myself. I can sacrificed cramped for the view, which I can look at for hours, usually listening to music.
    It was different in the old days. They were called aeroplanes, or something. You know, Lindbergh and all.
    They kidnapped his son. A German was put to death. Yes, the German was a badass. Only he wasn't guilty.

    I would have much preferred the window, those days. You could even see the trees, and the houses, and the little pools after the rain, and the flower beds, and the air balloons.
    This is a jet age. What do you see there by the window any more?
    Now I am an aisle man. I like to move around.

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    I generally like sleeping through long traveling, the easiest way for me to sleep is on my sides. I like the window because I can shut the window light, lean on it, and drift to sleep. When I am awake, I just look at the view hahaha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenaphor View Post
    If I'm alone, people talk to me. Even if I'm travelling with someone, people talk to me. Standing, waiting to cross the street, tourists zoom in on me to ask directions. Do not ask me why.
    This happens to me too, I reallly wish that it wouldnt most of the time.
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    Window. I like the view, and I like having the wall of the plane to lean on.

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    I prefer the window seat. I like looking at the view outside of the window. It gives me something to do to pass the time. Aisle is okay, though. Makes it easier for making bathroom trips. Least desirable is the middle seat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcat View Post
    This is a jet age. What do you see there by the window any more?
    I live in Colorado, almost all of my extended family lives in Kansas. Do you have any idea what the car ride from Colorado to Kansas looks like once you get a little east of the Denver area?

    Whatever I see on the window on a flight is like Oz compared to . . . well, Kansas.
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    I started flying before I remember, when I was very very young.

    When I was a child, I preferred the window seat, because it was more exciting. I always liked looking out the window.

    After I moved to Europe, I started flying a whole lot more, instead of one or two long-haul round trips a year...usually that, plus a bunch of smaller trips. I came to prefer aisle seats, mainly because I'm tall.

    I'm back to the window seats now. Oddly, it's because I have developed a phobia. I have always been a bit of a nervous flyer and I hate turbulence. But close to three years ago I had a bad experience - my plane had to make an emergency landing due to a bird in the engine. It actually was pretty low-key but still kind of scary - and then when they got us back on another plane a few hours later, there was loads of turbulence, which was much more obviously scary. Add that experience to the fact that I was under a lot of stress in my life, and it developed into a full phobia. I didn't stop flying, but found it frightening and stressful to do so. I had some therapy eventually, which helped, as I think did the fact that I have continued flying and have had ok experiences.

    I now prefer window seats because I much prefer being able to see out the window. It may have something to do with the fact that the scariest flying experiences I've had - bad turbulence, etc - have usually been at night. I get really scared when I can't see outside. For some reason, being able to see the ground, or clouds, or even the wing, makes me feel better. So yeah, window seats for me these days.

    I am proud of the fact that even in the throes of a phobia, I've managed to take long-haul flights to Canada and Japan, and have survived. I find that usually I have a few hours of fairly severe stress, especially if it is dark and/or there is turbulence. But it always gets better, to the extent that by the end of the flight I can feel fairly relaxed.
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    When I first started flying, I liked the window seat. After I started flying more (and I've flown a LOT), I gravitated towards the aisle. So, I am almost always in an aisle seat. I also have a thing about legroom (like first class or an exit row). These are the reasons why an aisle seat is better:
    - you have more room
    - you can get out of your seat much faster/easier without bothering someone else

    My guess is that of the people who voted aisle, there is a higher proportion of frequent flyers than those that picked window.

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    I flew today and as always I went straight for the window seat. Rest of the world, stay away from me.

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    Aisle. I can't concentrate on the view for that long, anyway, and I need to pee at least once. Plus I can get stuff down from the shelf thing above my head easier if I am on the aisle seat.
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