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    I got hero fantasies, or perhaps its psycho fantasies depending on how you look like it, mainly what I'd refer to as living out some kind of Die Hard scenario (the first movie) or revenge, that's a huge one, I revel in hearing about the misery experienced by people who've wronged me, in which case that would be a more like a Count of Monte Cristo fantasy.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

    whether or not you credit psychoanalysis itself, the fact remains that we all must, to the greatest extent possible, understand one another's minds as our own; the very survival of humanity has always depended on it. - Open Culture

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    I love murder mysteries and frequently fantasize about living in small English villages among the wealthy elite in the 1920's and 1930's. I know that's not weird, but I do think it is weird that I've imagined myself in the role of detective (or even FBI agent) solving horrible murders...when in truth I probably couldn't take one day of it, it would upset me so much emotionally.

    That's what makes it weird. I know I couldn't *really* do it...but that never stops it from being appealing. I also believe I've had Russian spy fantasies circa Cold War era.

    I also believed in reincarnation as a teenager, and fantasized that I was the reincarnation of a prominent person from 19th century Europe ...I even made up details and everything.

    I'm so glad my Te kicked in. I'd be on sooooo much more medication now if I had continued believing such things might be real.

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    I used to have a lot of medieval fantasies, though more often as a knight, not as a princess or whatever. I definitely dreamed about time travel, or about stepping through the wardrobe into the magical world of Narnia (or some variation of my own). I played a lot of fantasy/role playing games of those sorts with my brother and some friends.

    I also fantasized about being either Sherlock Holmes, or the love of SHerlock Holmes's life, when I was in my Holmes obsession phase in my teens. I think the Arthurian legend phase which followed that probably took me back to the medieval fantasies.

    These days...not a lot, to be honest. My fantasies probably involve meeting someone wonderful. not very original!

    I think I do have vague fantasies about running away with the band ("the band" probably resembling Led Zeppelin, or the Clash, or some other awesomely cool, exceptionally rocking and testosterone-laden group), but not exactly as a groupie. Or maybe as a groupie. LOL.
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    I'd like to be able to change location (country-wise) at will, without suffering any worries, headaches, or consequences.

    I think if I had a job where I traveled a lot, I'd live this fantasy out, probably to the point where I'd begin to hate traveling and long to stay in one place.

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    I have this one where I am sitting at the end of a dark long carved wooden bar, when suddenly a man enters the doorway. I don't even notice him, and continue to sip my scotch as the juke box shuffles to slow rainy song. Suddenly I feel the breeze of his movement as he takes a seat next to me wisping in my mind nostalgic memories with-dark chocolate and cigars.

    "Is this seat taken?" he asks. I look around the bar to see that we are two of only four people including the bartender, and a lone soul drowning in his own sorrows at the other end. I look at the man, "Does it have to be?"

    He smiles a razor sharp smile, his white teeth illuminating the very essence of the atmosphere, cutting through my thoughts like someone had pulled the emergency break on a freight train. I sip the last of my drink and push it toward the bartender. The man motions for another round. "You'll need it," I reply throwing down a couple bills as I walk away into the deserted streets outside.

    Aside from the click of my four inch red satin heels, the only sound surrounding is the faint howling of the wind guiding the drops of rain into the side of the cold grey buildings as they race to the floor finding home in the accumulating puddles beneath my feet.

    I step to the side to make way for the passing car as not to ruin my long black coat with the mud from the street. But the sound is not of a car passing by, it begins to slow, as a tall dark haired man rolls the window of his black town car down. "Excuse me!" he says. I continue walking as the car rolls beside me with the slow motion of a brisk stride.

    *Actually I don't know where I was going with this it was supposed to end in illicit sex, but now it is getting kind of creepy. Lol!

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    I've had this one fantasy since I was pretty young where I just run away from everything and everyone into the woods where I learn how to survive: hunt my own food, make my own clothes, build my own shelter, find my own water. Make a life for myself in the wilderness. Train a falcon baby to help me hunt and stuff. Cultivate my own land, grow my own food.

    Be a self-made woman!

    And the best part is, I can get more and more elaborate. Start with the basics then move up to mechanics (make a cog-run clock, build a well, construct traps for small animals like rabbit, etc.)

    *sigh* Fantasy, indeed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    Do you have any? I'm not referring to any weird sexual fantasy... Just something you wish you can live out.

    I sort of wish I had a LOST scenario happen... not necessarily the falling out of a plane onto an evil island scenario, just having to survive on an island with a group of people for a unknown period of time. Being pushed past what you thought was your mental and physical limits... having to create things out of nothing. I love that.

    Weird, I know.
    Not weird. I'd completely jump at the chance to do this. In a second.

    Lately I've been taken with a fantasy to just drop everything and "go". Sell the house. Sell my car. Give away/store away everything I have except for my backpack, laptop, camera, and a week's worth of clothes and just *go*. Anywhere, everywhere, for however long I feel like. It sounds almost like a vacation, but most of the appeal is knowing that I'd never *have* to come back to anything, until I really, really *wanted* to.

    It's almost realistic -- far more than most of my fantasies go, but completely impractical longterm. But hey, if I ever win the lottery, I'm totally doing this .

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    many of them all the time and i can make up new all the time. some of them are little short lived, and some of them are longer. one of the long ones(lasted maybe like 3 years till today) is me time traveling to a time where america wasnt discovered and many of the major scientific discoveries havent been made yet, but where people might want to understand. i think about all things like how to give them some education without them thinking im a witch, trying to get good position on some kings or some big guy with alot of founds, maybe go discover things in the world, make alot of money and use it on things like science that can help the world, maybe some things like my backpack happened to travel with me, how would i use them on for example proving people that im not a witch and that this is just technology from future. when i start to think/fantasize about this i think about all of things so throughly that i usually calculate some mathematic calculations, almost like remembering something in details and making up the details while going with the flow of that weird thinking type fantasizing . ps. im stoned and really tired
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
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    I got lots of weird fantasies, although some of them may shock you and make you think I'm completely insane (don't worry I totally am insane ):

    -I wish to escape into the woods and live as a survivalist. There I shall either become stronger due to the harsh and violent world of the forest or I shall be killed. I envision hunting down animals in near death situations and collecting their remains for my cabin/shack.

    -I imagine one day starting cult. I fantasize about adopting young children and brainwashing them into beings who think exactly like me and are my complete loyal servants. I imagine how we would work together to change the world by means of terrorism against evil governments and take secretive control of the world. Or they might betray me in an ironic betrayl.

    -I daydream that I am a rouge hero who is often on the run from the law. I assist many on my adventures whereever I may roam. Although I help other I kill all those whom are evil or possible in my way.

    -I imagine that I am walking around my local neighboor hood and I encounter one of two things; either a grave injustice where one person is hurt my an evil person, and I engage that evil person in a fight and killing them or something; or I am attacked by a wild animal such as a bear or bull and I desperately try to escape from it.

    Ah, my dark, dark imagination, it ceases to amaze me.

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    Becoming fire.

    My black horse and guardian, Morpheus.

    Drag-racing, though I have plans to make that real. I was meant to drive.
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