INFP: You are me going sometimes fresh we're not right? It's just common sense.

ENTP: wut. i'm confused

INFP: iss gonna be ok

ENTP: i'm going to play Dragon Age II. keep killin' til there's nothin' left to kill.

INFP: Wouldn't that mean you kill yourself?

ENTP: what? maybe? idk

INFP: it's only logical

ENTP: damn, stop confusing me. k im going now

.... later, after a few beers

ENTP: why hello!

INFP:Hello good fellow. Top of the mornin. lol
How's the all nighter burnin?

ENTP: fast

INFP: awesome

ENTP: but I'm getting there

INFP:did you want to hang out this weekend? I don't have jack to do this time. Hah.

ENTP: yeah I'm working fri and sat nights but the day should be open

INFP: k cool. Where? Zoo?

ENTP: I'm workin the streets baby you can catch me on van buren

INFP: hahahaha. Is the pimp life all they make it out to be?

ENTP: you got it all wrong I'm being pimped

INFP: are you one of those femme fatale hos, or are you just a bitch?

ENTP: oh I set my own rules and times

INFP: How much for an hour?

ENTP: 45 a half
and I don't kiss on the lips

INFP: It must be fun writing "ho" on your tax returns

ENTP: lots of exceptions

INFP: Imma go to sleep. pour some sugar on me baby

ENTP: laters