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    Quote Originally Posted by Curator View Post
    whatever you say... if that was my aim, I could have just edited my post and edited out whatever you claim was in it that proved your point, id have no reason to delete the whole post, oh well, I dont really care anymore... its not worth the trouble.
    Except enough people had seen it by then, so any such action would have been more blatant dishonesty on your part, with even more witnesses.
    Better to just delete and deny everything and throw a pity party farewell thread.
    You do care - enough to leave the pity party favors to come post more tripe here.
    Peel off the napkin
    O my enemy.
    Do I terrify?

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    whatever you say:/
    You are not powerless, you just need to accept your power for what it is, a part of the whole, no one man can save the world, but you can be a light to those who envelope themselves in darkness, The candle that sparks the inferno.

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