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    This discussion is very helpful and enlightening.

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    Immersion is very helpful for me I've noticed. Unfortunately I don't exactly live in the best enviroment for immersion.

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    I learned English eventhough I've only once been to an english speaking country, and that was only for 3 days! I think it has to do with the fact that English is a very common language in the Netherlands. We don't overdub English movies, most of the music over here is English and the language is taught in schools from a very early age. As for other languages, I'm somewhat capable in French and German, during a holiday in France recently I noticed that after a week I got better at speaking, understanding, writing and reading French. My knowledge of French is mostly academical but it still helped me understand the language in practical situations. Over a week of immersion my knowledge and skills hadn't improved, but I had more confidence in using the language and I could understand writen and spoken words faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenaphor View Post
    That's a good approach. Take the colours red and pink. In English, they're classified as different colours. In Chinese, they're nuances of the same colour where in casual conversation, it's not wrong to use the same root characters to describe either.
    Yeah and sometimes Chinese have words that describe elaborate concepts that can only be described by using many words in English. So what's more efficient? Connecting one word with one concept as a whole or connecting one word with 10, 12, 20 words?

    I dunno, I just think it's a better system for learning a language like a native. You CAN become fluent in translation (ie. be able to translate faster and faster) but, at least for me, it would take a long time and use more energy (it would be easier to "burn out" during a long conversation using the language). I also think it's a limited system. You can only learn it within the parametres of your own language. Just doesn't seem optimal (or interesting).

    But then again, I have the memory of a lint trap. It's truly awful. Vocab and grammar lists stick with me like water with hot oil. Just jumps right out...

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    Well school and tutorials can help. That is, if you are frequently using what you just leaned. Like typing in that particular language often or speaking it very often. Something like a particular language site where you can communicate the majority of your typing in that language can help a lot. Not only do you get to write sentences in that language, but others can help correct you.

    Pretty much the saying, "use it or lose it" applies to most, if not all, languages.

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