Ok, I thought that title might get your attention (or at least more of it than my last 'guess my type' thread!)

Here is an interview with an artist that sneaks into forbidden places to take naked pics. Okay, her art is so much more than that, but again, getting your attention.

Here is a link to the NY Times article about Miru Kim’s ‘The Pig That Therefore I Am’

What's her type?

I'm guessing...INF...P???

Based on samples of her work and these two quotes from the interview:

"I am more interested in underground artworks and films that are quite obscure. I mostly feel like an oddball."

"I tend more towards the Buddhist perspective that all living beings are connected in a circular way via life force, or qi. It’s not that “I think, therefore I am,” but rather, “I am, therefore I feel.”

By the way, I am not easily impressed by modern artwork or photography but I thought her work was stunning, it really makes you pause.