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    Not really. In real life my anxiety usually obscures my inner voice. How I write says far more about who I am than how I speak.

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    To some extent, yes, I do post in my own voice. I know that I often surprise people by making word choices while speaking that you wouldn't normally see outside of written communication, and this is largely because I do often speak the way I write.

    Unsurprisingly, however, my writing is far more composed than my verbal communication and far less hesitant as well.

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    Oh, its

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gloriana View Post
    I'm not all that familiar with your posts but your voice seems to approximately match. Also, I don't mean this in a 'creepy' way but you have a nice speaking voice.

    To me, at least, you definitely didn't sound angry at the end of your empathizing post.

    General thread response: I have a kid voice. I am 20 and it hasn't gone away yet. I'm pretty sure I don't sound like a prepubescent child in writing, at least I hope not!
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    I definitely don't feel as energetic as I do here, compared to real life. In real life, I'm pretty crazy and silly and definitely not as sexy/cool/mysterious/suave/intelligent/dominant/selfless/compassionate/calm/self-assured/confident/assertive/sophisticated/urbane/deboniare as I seem on the forum. I guess what I'm trying to say is, in real life I feel much more active while here, my voice is passive. (Seriously, all that just for 4 fucking words making up a mediocre joke. Fuck.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    No, you all wouldn't get to enjoy my 'voice' if I started posting in my own 'voice'. As the result would likely be me end up lurking only. :P
    This right here. Hah, people will be lucky to get more than a couple paragraphs (adding up all the spoken words and sentences) of spoken words from me (unless I am comfortable with the person.)

    I do have a couple voices depending on the situation, but my typing is rarely ever my voice in real life.

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