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    Well, umm... yes and no.

    In real life there are only some occations where I actually build long sentences, and that's when I am actually saying something that I care about, instead of the usual small talk kind of a thing that doesn't matter to me too much. But if I was trying to make it sound the same I should have about thirty second pause in the beginning of each post (accompanied with a smiley that stares intensely in the distance/floor), which wouldn't be too practical online.

    Besides, English isn't my language, so this wouldn't be close to the way I speak in English IRL. I've got a better vocabulary here.

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    The words/phrases that I use, and probably the overall 'tone' to my posts matches how I am in real life.

    But a big However is needed. Irl, I am basically incapable of describing things/presenting things in the way that I post on the forums. Many probably notice that a lot of my posts are very long. Writing is the only way for me to compose and articulate everything that is in my head, as I have the time to do so, and the time to actually structure my thoughts and tie them together - and elaborate/explain. I believe that what I post here DOES mirror my internal mind a lot - and lines up with my thoughts.

    Irl, none of this occurs. Irl my actual thoughts are not presented in the way I present them while posting. Irl, I'll come across as vague/succinct/brief, and pretty quiet, and I tend to speak just one or two sentences to sum up what I think - or when I'm excited about something I'll just be talking about how excited/happy I am. lol. But again, it's extremely general statements; more often me asking questions of the other person. (my videos that I posted more accuately reflect how I come across irl). My internal world/thoughts doesn't translate well via speaking, I guess - certainly not in the in-the-moment way that is required socially/conversationally. So in some ways, my posts are probably more 'true to form' than I am irl. They capture my inner world in ways which aren't reflected irl.
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    yeah i do...i talk as i think just like irl
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    Yeah, I think so.
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    I'm waiting for the smart-ass who says "Yes, I always use capital letters when I speak".

    Jaguar? Where you at?
    "Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get, but if you work really hard, and you're kind, amazing things will happen. I'm telling you...amazing things will happen" --Conan O'Brien

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    The only difference is that I usually mainly lurk on the Inet without much posting, but in rl I'm usually said to "talk my head off". Also, I'm usually more serious on the Inet.
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    why do they call it in english "to talk ones head off" and not call it like we do in german "to speak like a book" ?

    Strange those 'mericans

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    My inner voice perpetually sounds a LOT different from my actual one. A sultry, sophisticated, deep tone with a hint of Lara Croft in it.

    It sounds absolutely nothing like me. But I don't care, I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gloriana View Post
    I always try to make a fairly honest representation of myself rather than fall into an 'online version' of myself.
    I find this to apply to myself as well. Whatever I post, it is always a true representation of my thoughts and feelings at that particular moment. Whether they apply to me at a later time is questionable, though. I am very much influenced by my varied emotions, and they come and go, so whichever representation I give of myself might not necessarily apply at some other time. But they are most definitely authentic at that time.

    As to my "voice", yes, it is "mine". However, I often find that I express myself in a more detached manner in writing than I do in speech. And it is not intentional. What comes off as some kind of awful rambling in speech is turned into extra detachedness (mixed with rambling) in writing. Even though the thoughts I have at the time about the subject at hand are the same in both instances, the delivery seems different, or rather, feels different mostly to myself. This also applies to how my "voice" is delivered in actual conversations and the "voice" I have in my mind, I can definitely notice a shift happening. So, there are several levels I find myself operating on. If any of this makes any sense. I can only estimate that the "ivory-towerish" tone I seem to take on sometimes when writing is some kind of a defence mechanism. It happens to me in my native language as well, so it's not about the inferior use of English, I presume.

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    This thread makes me wonder why there are no voice recording threads on TypeC. I'd start one but not until after the member private forum has been created.

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