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Thread: Chess

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    Are you kidding me? I love chess.

    Did you know checkers is a solved game? It's the largest solved game there is, in fact. If both red and black play perfectly, it'll come out as a draw.

    Chess isn't a solved game...not yet, at least. So, there is a perfect way to play chess that computers can't figure out. To me, that's pretty cool. It means it's wide open. I would love to be the guy who solved chess. Lol. If a human could solve chess before a computer could...that'd be a huge win for humanity. I'm just saying..the key difference is that humans can think in patterns whereas a computer (as it is) has to solve it by brute force. It means that if you optimize your thinking, until computers can hack it out, computers are beatable. It's just we're too stupid to do it.

    I don't know about all the strategies and whatnot....however, my working theory is that white can always win. Also...I've learnt that chess is about "escorting" the opposing piece off the board. There is one diagonal of pawns across the board, then the major pieces play on either side of the diagonal. Chess isn't played from front to back, it's played from corner to opposing corner where the peaces slide off the board.

    Right now, I can't even beat the computer on my phone, let alone a real human...but I'm learning to stave off losing for as long as possible in order to learn that aspect of the game. It'll be one of those life long I'm in no real rush to learn.

    I also love poker...but poker doesn't love me. I actually hate poker.

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    I'm a fan of chess. I need to play it more though. Chess helps with mental acuity and quickness. I am a conservative player who likes to the look at the whole board and all of my different options before I make a move. I like to use the knights the most.
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