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    Default Methods of feedback: Replying vs. repping vs. PM'ing

    In response to a post there are numerous ways to provide feedback. You can reply to the persons post in the thread. You can give that person rep. Or you can send that person a visitor message or a private message.

    My question to you all, is what determines what method of feedback to give to someone's post?

    As for myself, I'm most likely to reply right to the thread if I my response to someone's post is also likely to be of some interest to other forum members and if it adds something to the thread that wasn't already stated by someone else.

    I'm most likely to rep someone if I thought their post was particularly well written or amusing in some way. Sometimes I'll rep people rather than replying to the thread if I agree with what they say but I don't wish to clutter the thread with a "me too" post. In some cases I may both reply to the thread and send someone a rep.

    I rarely use visitor messages or personal messages as a means of providing feedback to someone's post. I will use visitor messages to respond to someone's rep comment or ask them a general question like "where did you find that avatar?" I almost never use personal messages. I only use them in the case when I don't want the response to be seen by others who view that person's profile.
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    I remember a discussion from last year that said generally if you haven't interacted with a poster much before, rep comments are the way to start. Then wall posting, then PM once you've gained more familiarity. Apparently some people feel weird if someone jumps right to PM. I personally don't care though. Replying to a post is always okay, but sometimes there just isn't much to say, particularly if you just want to express approval of it. In those cases, rep is probably best.

    I'm not great about showing my interest in others. I have to force myself to do it most of the time. I've repped occasionally, and sometimes when someone reps me I'll respond with a wall post.

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    Posts in most cases, it's easiest.

    Reps when I feel like it. Most of the times I just post what I otherwise might have repped. There really isn't any structure there. Reps are comments that I make that do not really require further conversation. They are like mentions at most.

    I PM when I got my goody two-shoes on and have something to say to someone that may or may not be long winded and could possible cause for further conversation, whilest the conversation itself is of personal or offtopic nature and does not fit in any of the topics that I was actively browsing in at the time I got the idea of saying to the person what I wanted to say.

    But I think that there has been a few times that I've just posted in a thread to someone what was probably more suited in a PM. >.>

    I don't really use the wall function. Pretty much only to respond to my wall messages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    My question to you all, is what determines what method of feedback to give to someone's post?
    Reps: Typically my default mode of messaging. Usually just consist of a few words meant to recognize something in particular I found note worthy in a certain post, yet done within a rep as to not contribute to forum clutter.

    Visitor messages: Usually reserved for responding to a received rep, or for just a quick exchange of friendly banter.

    PMs: I by far utilize this the least. Used for sensitive subject material that I'd rather not have publicized, usually requiring a little bit of familiarity with the other person before I move to this method.

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    Whatever works. I prescribe to lazy navigation. The most efficent, easiest and closest route is what I pick. Whether that be a reputation comment, visitor message, or private messaging, I do with what is right infront of me. In the case of a member who may post in this thread, I'd more than likely, depending on prior interaction, send them a Rep. This is not dependant on the rapport, but moreso because the star under their post is easier to use than going through another page after clicking their name. It's quick. Why waste the time going to their profile page, listening to their music that may derail, or dispel, my simple message? Its best to avoid the unnecessary. Even with those I communicate with outside of the forums (ventrilo, tinychat, and etc.) the same principle applies. No point in doing extra stuff if the conversation isn't worth it. This also goes for nudes, and the like.
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    I created a thread on this a while ago...

    What determines the type of feedback, if I'm making a conscious choice, is the form I want it to follow. Public or private, pithy or verbose.

    I also have a habit of keeping the conversation where it is, and not making an effort to move it. I'll generally go along with wherever the other person wants to have the conversation.

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    First I post.
    If it is unrelated to thread or a laugh rep.
    If it is a conversational question unrelated to a thread and I want an answer then VM.
    If it is a longer question or conversation unrelated to a thread and I want a longer answer then PM.

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