Hi there guys. New INFP here. I have a multi-part question for you ENFJs out there:
how do you feel about online dating? are you idealist enough to entertain a relationship with someone who lives far away, if there's potential that person may move to your town for a job? would distance affect your communication with that person, i.e., out of sight, out of mind and cause you to lose interest?
Also, my INFPishness sometimes means that my communications are a bit meandering and sometimes have typos (not b/c I don't know how to spell a word/don't care, but rather b/c I just get so excited to be expressing myself in the moment with someone I feel "gets" me that I just hit "send" w/o proofreading. is that annoying to you "J" types? or do you like our free-spirited spontaneity? sorry for all the questions and please feel free to ask me something about INFPs if you like. thanks in advance!