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Thread: Hobbies!

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    Default Hobbies!

    Share your favorite hobbies with the other members! And perhaps discover some new ones for yourself.

    I, for one, love knitting. I'm addicted! It quells my ADD, it's fun, easy, and you create wonderful things to give as gifts (and there's the added meaning of "I made this for you.") I also enjoy drawing for pretty much the same reasons.

    My other favorite hobby is going to the gym with friends. It's nice, especially jumping in the pool afterwards. And I also like long walks, does that count as a hobby?

    What about you, what do you do in your spare time?
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    On a typical friday night you can find me taking a tube of Elmer's glue, emptying it into the palm of my hands, rubbing them together until the adhesive forms a bond, holding it until it dries together, ripping that bond apart, and systematically peeling every bit of the spiderweb like bond off with my thumb and index finger. Keep in mind during this entire process I'm stacking the peelings into a giant pile on my desk. I later eat this giant collection of glue & dead skin peelings. This activity tires me out fairly quickly, so afterward I then lay in my twin sized race car bed and cry myself to sleep while wondering why I'm so alone.

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    I usually write in my spare time, but that's more like work to me. I guess I'm a workaholic.
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