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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Idealist View Post
    What rules would you put in place?
    1. No personal attacks or insults.

    2. No swearing.

    3. No discussion of relationships or sexual topics.

    4. No spamming.

    5. No abuse of vouching power to allow bad members onto the site.

    How would you manage it?
    Well, I would try to recruit some moderators I could trust to enforce the rules. Then, I would permit open registration until the community reached a certain number of active members, and then we would switch to a system by which new members must be "vouched for" by a currently active member with some degree of tenure (either post count or time), and that member could be held responsible if more than a few of the people they vouch for end up being rule-breakers (especially cheap rule-breakers). Of course, if someone recruited a lot of quality members, they would be rewarded somehow. All registrations would have to be manually approved by a moderator at that point. This would be in an effort to reduce spam and trolling. Of course, if the number of active users fell below a certain threshold, we would have to open up registration again. But in the mean time, it would be an effective filter.

    There would also be the option of making donations to the site. This would open up an interesting avenue for dealing with bans and such. If a member was banned, they could either serve out their ban, or make a "donation" to the site in order to get their ban removed early. A permanent ban would cost something like $100 to remove the first time, and then it would double each time. Basically, you can pay your fine, or serve your sentence. Most bans would be much cheaper, though. Removing a 24-hour ban would only cost $1, a week-long ban would be $10, and a month-long ban would be $50. This idea is based on the theory that when someone breaks the rules, they're doing damage to the community, and by paying us money proportional to the damage... they're making up for it by helping us repair it. The biggest issue I might encounter, is if really wealthy trolls decided to abuse this. Although, if that happens, I think the income would make up for the inconvenience.

    What would the forum be about?
    Just about everything, really. There would be subforums for technology, typology, economics, psychology, philosophy, astrology, music, video games, art, history, writing, etc... just about anything meaningful.

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    This forum is one of the best I've seen and I'd use it as my template I reckon.

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