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    Does anyone ever play peekaboo with their dogs? What are their responses?

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    How do I feel about dogs? In college, I took my dog to class with me. Rules . . . what rules?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    How do I feel about dogs? In college, I took my dog to class with me. Rules . . . what rules?
    Did your dog graduate with you too?
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    I too used to be afraid of dogs when I was younger. And dogs being energetic didn't help out much. I can totally relate to people who are uncomfortable with dogs jumping agains them or jumping in their laps while they sit. It feels like dogs don't care for your personal boundaries, they are too immediate. I also hate(d) the drooling. I think dogs with slobby skin are ugly. I usually recognized the smell of dogs, and while it was not appalling, it wasn't pleasant. I sure wouldn't like my house smelling like that.

    Then I met this gal.

    Here's her puppies too:

    So my wife is an avid dog hobbyist (breeder, trainer and active in agility and obedience competitions). Before I met her I thought "I might want a dog, at least I prefer dogs over cats. But I wouldn't want to have dog if I'm alone, too much work". Besides felling in love with her, I fell in love with her dogs too. Although they are small dogs, they are not yappy. They are fine, sleak hair which repels both water and dirt, so they rare smell or carry dirt inside. We have to wash them only if it's dirty outside (muddy or hail). The dog is very relaxed when inside, likes to sit on a lap or a sofa most of the time, very rarely seeks my attention or distracting me.

    Here's few thoughts regarding earlier posts in this thread:

    Someone mentioned that dogs should be left in the yard and should not be let inside. I never got this attitude. I think this makes dogs less social and more territorial, essentially makes them more of a problem.

    Also, most of the dog's behaviour can be modified through training, but for example hunting dogs will always be attracted to escaping wild animals. Plus dogs (same as human) can have mental illnesses and anxieties that cause problematic behaviour, these can't just be trained. Dogs can also be traumatized involuntarily while they were puppies by variety of things (charging dogs, loud noises, accidents, etc.) which can affect dog's personality. While it is correc to blame the owner most of the time, we still do have to acknowledge that dogs aren't always Tabula Rasa, they do have their own personality and phobias too.

    Dogs are easier to love than most humans as dogs are more willing to admit they love you. You can always scratch unfamiliar dog and they'll give you their appreciation, but you can't say the same about people. Dogs rarely stay mad at you for long, unlike people.

    Dog owners should respect people who are afraid or uncomfortable with dogs. In our current house we can't lock dogs away (not enough of room and dogs would probably break their way through doors anyways), but we will tell people in advance we have dogs. If it is a problem, we'll go some other place and leave the dogs home. We are definately not offended if someone says they'd prefer us without the dogs. Even if they are family (I prefer 'herd') members, they are not humans and thus not always fit to all kinds of places and situtations.

    And a piece of advice to anyone with dog: Never let your dog have a treat or food without requiring them to perform a feat. It might be as simple as "sit down", but as long as they do it and get rewarded for it, they associate obedience with good stuff happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    I think that dogs are disgusting animals. They really have no place in a home. Now, keeping a dog in the backyard, or having a hunting dog is one thing... but I don't like the fact that people keep these animals in their home. Especially not when they have guests.

    I have such a long list of people I have to avoid because they own dogs. Now, I will explain my reasons for loathing these four-legged atrocities.

    First of all, they remind me of wolves. I cannot look at a dog, any dog, without seeing a wolf. That mental image of a wolf makes me incredibly anxious, and I can't get it out of my head. So above all, I feel incredibly anxious whenever there's a dog present.

    Next, there's the hygiene. They usually smell horrible, they like to lick their dirty butts and then lick people's hands/faces, eat their own feces, and unless you're very lucky, they defecate and urinate on the floor.

    Now we have behavior. Dogs bark VERY loudly whenever they hear something, and it's very annoying. When someone comes inside, they insist on approaching FAST and sniffing or jumping up on people (sometimes even licking them), and it's really creepy. What if I don't want to be touched/approached by the dog? I feel like it's a violation of my personal space. Also, it scares the heck of me to see the wolf dog approaching at that speed. Also, whenever I eat in the presence of a dog, I know the dog is waiting for me to drop something and then swoop in to eat it. I don't appreciate having it hover over me like a vulture, and I don't like it getting that close to me to eat whatever I might drop. Oh, and they also have a very clumsy, sloppy gait... they're always sniffing around at things with their big ugly noses, and they're always panting with their tongues hanging out, making noise. They keep trying to demand attention and interact with me against my will, and I DO NOT like it.

    These are the reasons why I cannot stand dogs, and feel like it's unfair that I'm so often subjected to the mangy animals. I feel that I get no respect, that I'm just expected to be okay with the animals... not just in private homes, but increasingly in public places. I have had to leave stores because someone with a dog came in, and nothing was done about it. Often, it wasn't even on a leash. There should be rules about this.

    I think that a person who keeps a dog in their home, and invites people there expecting them to accept the invitation, is extremely inconsiderate of their guests. A dog is an intrusive, disgusting, and potentially dangerous creature, and just because you want to live with one, doesn't mean you should be able to expect of me that I will feel safe or comfortable being around it. I mean, it's one thing if they put the dog up... that's fine. But the majority of dog owners WILL NOT do this. Their whole attitude is that you're expected to come in and be okay with the dogs. And then if I try to respectfully say, "Well, thanks for inviting me, but I don't want to come in because I'm uncomfortable with dogs," they get offended. Who the heck are they to get offended? If anyone should be offended here, it should be me. I basically got told that I'm less important than a freaking animal.

    Whew! Sorry about the rant. But anyway, those are my feelings about dogs. Is there anyone else here who doesn't like dogs? Or am I really the only one?
    This is great. I was cheering you on. I too hate dogs. The way they are treated is disgusting. There is no place in civilized society for dogs. They should be gradually eliminated. Just think of all the money that could go to children, either the children of the owners or children in poor countries, instead of useless animals that scratch and bark and whine and eat and eat and eat.

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    I used to detest dogs. But something has happened to me since I had babies and now I think dogs are adorable. I want to find a cute little pup of my own now. I am going to call her Yoko. :-)

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    Default One Nation Under Dog

    I watched this documentary today. It was compelling. The gas chamber scene was horrific.

    One Nation Under Dog

    This film is only for the most rational sort of dog lover — someone who “gets” the human-dog connection at its most soulful level but also harbors no magical thinking about a dog’s life. They are not like us, and we outlive them. Between those two facts exists something almost indescribably dear and fragile.

    I admire how the film, which is split thematically into stories of “fear,” “loss” and “betrayal,” zeroes in unflinchingly on the most troubling aspects of American pet ownership, without becoming an animal-rights brochure. Even though a viewer keeps expecting a Sarah McLachlan ballad to kick in during all those glimpses of sad eyes peering from behind chain-link kennels, the film ends on a sober, imploring note of urgency about spaying and neutering.
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    I like them but am allergic

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    I don't like animals in general. Yes, that includes humans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    I watched this documentary today. It was compelling. The gas chamber scene was horrific.
    Interesting stuff. I am reminded of Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock in Best in Show. It's like Charles Krauthammer (INTJ) says; real life overtakes parody.

    Speaking of Krauthammer, I think his plea on behalf of the border collie (and humane breeding in general) would be of interest to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Krauthammer
    It would be nice to breed for beauty and brains, but history and genetics teach that the confluence of the two is as rare in dogs as it is in humans. Inbreeding in the pursuit of man-made standards of beauty has reduced other breeds to ruin: In the 1950s, writes Mark Derr in The Atlantic Monthly, show people turned the German shepherd into a weak-hipped animal with a foul temper and bizarre downward-sloping hindquarters. The cocker spaniel lost its ability to hunt. The bulldog and the Boston terrier have been given such exaggerated heads that the females regularly need C-sections to give birth. As for the AKC's Irish setters, says veterinarian Michael W. Fox, "they're so dumb they get lost on the end of their leash."

    The genetics behind such sad stories is straightforward. "In genetics, selection for one trait usually comes at the expense of another," explains Jasper Rine, professor of genetics and former director of the Human Genome Center at the Lawrence Berkeley Labs. "The notion that one could achieve a standard conformation for Border Collies and maintain their working qualities is simply foolish." Which is why the border collie people are prepared to sue to keep the AKC's snout from under their tent.

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