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    I do this all the time. Don't worry about it.

    It is a real stress reliever for me.
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    Pretty often when I'm alone. Helps me to think and vent feelings.

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    I talk to myself almost incessantly when my roommate is not home (which is a lot of the time) and I'm awake, not writing/typing, etc. I "think out loud" a whole lot. The problem is I study like that, too, so on exams I tend to want to talk to myself out loud but I can't and it can be frustrating. I tend to mouth the things I want to say which helps.

    I agree that it's good to keep the flow of ideas going, at least for me, it helps to get it out. But sometimes the tangents can just keep running and I seem to get lost in a sea of some kind...for, like, hours.

    I also do this thing that really worries my roommate (I can't always control it just because she's around!) - I tend to argue with myself out loud (hey, I'm just debating), and voice both sides of the argument. Sometimes I also raise my voice to the point of yelling, so I walk around the apartment YELLING AT MYSELF for fairly long periods of time.

    I guess I can be pretty arrogant self-esteem wise, like I'm the only one worth talking to. One thing that supports this hypothesis: if a friend makes a comment and I take the opposing position (this is fun for me) and we start to argue out loud, at some point I find that I am arguing against myself because my friend wasn't interested in defending their position. I often ignore what my friends say too, because they say stupid things, so I just talk to myself when around them and talk right over their "answers". This is admittedly pretty...bad.
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    Yes, constantly! It's nothing intelligible, usually in some different accent, and almost always rhyming, melodic nonsense (they're still English words - it's just that those words strung together in the way they are when they fall out of my mouth, are meaningless.) I do it when I'm doing something else - like sitting at the computer - and won't really notice until I stop doing whatever else it was I was doing, or if I'm interrupted by someone or something. I think it's just some sort of thumb-sucking thing. I don't know. A habit.

    In those times that I'm actually paying attention to what I'm saying, speaking coherently, with the express purpose of untangling ideas, I speak as if I'm explaining whatever it is to someone else. I do this fairly often, but it's deliberate and purposeful, unlike the habit I mentioned above.

    I only speak aloud to myself when I'm alone, or mumble under my breath if there are only a few other people around and we're not interacting, but the mental chatter doesn't stop no matter where I am.

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