OK, I'm really bored, so I'll give these a shot.

Keep in mind, I'm an expat in an Asian country, so that will heavily bias my answers here.

1. What is your race?
It would be best described as "Caucasian". You know, "White". I am a WASP born and bred.

2. Do you feel that your race plays a major role in your self-image?
To be honest, it didn't use to till I moved here. Now mind you I was raised in the US suburbs where 99.99% of people were white anyway, so it just never mattered to me.

Nowadays, I put up with a lot of crusty white men who are convinced that Asian women are just the bees knees and always make unfavorable comments about how short I come up by comparison. Other than the fact that I'm physically larger (head and shoulders) than everyone else in this country...yeah I just kinda feel ugly and gross by comparison.

There's also the whole "white people are rich so therefore you need to be charged ten times the local price" thing going on which currently has me very dis-spirited, especially since I technically earn about the US poverty line. When people look at me, they see white skin, aka a walking ATM. Even when I'm deathly ill. I no longer trust anyone to treat me as a human being, honestly, and the bitterness is reaching unhealthy levels.

Um wow. Sorry. OK, but yes. Currently, my ethnicity has a major impact not only on my self-image, but on how I approach larger society.

3. Do you relate more to members of your own race, or another race?
Currently, I mostly relate to people of my own nationality or at least linguistic background. Not necessarily race. It's more of an issue of my "guard going down" than any inherent preference for certain kinds of people.

To be honest, as racist as I probably seem, I don't, on principle, relate to people on basis of race. To me, it's what's inside that counts, and I may wind up relating better to someone of a very different background, race, or ethnicity than people of my own.

Actually, to be fair to myself, when I lived the US, dumb overly-comfortable people of my own ethnicity bothered me no end. The sorts that live in suburbs and have a very narrow conception of reality.

So, I just don't care about race that much if left to my own tendencies. I feel as though I have been thrust into circumstances to the contrary, though.

4. How do you feel about being your particular race?

To be honest, I don't really like it. In America, I hated the fact that being a WASP makes me "non-ethnic" as if people from England and northern Germany have no history or traditions. I also hate the fact that I couldn't celebrate my stupid WASP heritage without being perceived as a total racist and slave-owner. The whole thing's so dumb! Or maybe that's just my inferior Si making me all irrational about this stuff, I dunno. But no, I've actually never particularly "liked" being my race.

In Asia, well, I've already shared the downside of being white; I could also add that it sucks being groped and shouted "FUCK FUCK FUCK" at by gangs of boys who see you as some sort of sex machine because you're a western woman. I blame idiot American shows for that, like Sex in the City. Because all Americans are white, and all white women have lives like that. LOL.

I also hate the fact that "white women age faster". That pisses me off.

Sorry for all the hate....I guess I just realized that despite my idealism that "race shouldn't matter" and "it's what's inside that counts", I actually really kind of resent being a white American. Sorry for my negativity, but I feel, nonetheless, that it's a fair perspective on race relations on planet earth. Take my words for what you will.

5. If a wizard insisted on transforming you into a race other than your own, but allowed you to pick the race, what would you be?
I'd prefer the wizard to use the magic to nullify the importance of skin color world-wide rather than be obligated to change me, personally.

I suppose if I had to choose, I'd pick some sort of Native American ethnicity. LAKOTA! (I know it sucks to live on The Rez, by the way. Not idealizing it. It just seems the most fitting).