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    I acknowledge maydelle, skylights, Einnas and Aimee because they for some reason one time decided to put me on their friends lists here, no matter how much it really means or not, lol.

    Also I acknowledge Hopelandic and Petra Pan because they patiently tried to help me find out my enneagram and I didn't forget about it, although I still couldn't get used to the enneagram whole thing yet ^^

    Furthermore I want to acknowledge Phantonym (those name changes confuse me I want to add) for the last rep comment, which I can really need if the headache strikes back again (I fear it will)

    And I acknowledge myself, because someone has to I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
    The electronic music possie: Shimmy, Slow Riot, Phobik, and Freakky. <3
    And of course you Sparrow.

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    to EffEmDoubleYou for being made of awesome!
    Murphy Brown: What is it with us? Why can't we take the easy road once in awhile?
    Avery Brown: Because it's boring and dishonest and uncomfortable, like wearing a pair of shoes all day that pinch your feet.

    approx 55% ES, 90% TJ

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    I acknowledge Pitseleh for having enough insight and courage to communicate with me.
    I am so easy to disarm if you handle me right.

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    matmos: Your lateral thinking is complex, detailed, and vivid. Even your imagination is organic.
    wildcat: You're one of the most flexible people on this board. You can alternate from cryptic symbols, to math, to casual conversation, hopping from one subject to the next with ease.
    prplchknz: You're so... raw. Even when your spontaneous and goofy, it's honest.
    Edgar: Your lateral thinking is vulgar and impactful. The lulz are on your side.
    Peguy: I saw what you did.
    Lark: You should seriously just go out in the woods and trip on acid for a couple of days. All your questions will be answered.
    whatever: You're a little bit like prpl in that you're equally raw, but you're much more expressive and unambiguous. If I were to be kicked in the crotch by anyone, I would choose you.
    Jennifer: You're perhaps one of the most mature people on this board. You're reconciled, and you've developed an inner-peace that's allowed you to engage the world boldly.
    Unkindloving: You're complex. I think your friends take you for granted; unfortunately many of them are crazies. Even worse, I take you for granted as well. I miss you. However, I think you have enumerated liberties in your life. Your skills have allowed you to be in control of most social situations, particularly involving those who are close to you. At the same time, you've domesticated yourself enough to know your own limits and know your own vision without becoming someone else's garbage. Your skills with people are probably what's going to traject that vision, but I would avoid callous, unresponsive people. Avoid disloyal people. You can turn almost any situation in your favor.
    Jaguar: You're complex as well. When we first started talking, I thought you were spry and youthful, but also crude, aggressive, and immature. Since then, I've come to know you better as someone who has trouble tolerating hatred and unfairness. I think we have almost identical values, but virtually opposite ways of communicating those and approaching life. I look up to you.
    ragashree: Lol. You're complex as well, and while you're driven to resolve the truth in any situation, you also lightly sprinkle your diligence with quirky humor or sarcasm. While it gives you the appearance of confidence, it also allows you to be friendly and tactful. It's creepy how many similarities we have in our outlooks on life. I enjoy analyzing and brainstorming with you.
    Domino: My knowledge of you is still a work in progress, but you're brilliant in many ways.
    Orangey: I appreciate you for reasons already mentioned. Occasionally, when you notice something asinine online, you should take your frustration out on a hacky sack.

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    My best friends Angel and Amy for traveling a great distance later this month to visit me on the anniversaries of the two most traumatic days in my life... and the funny thing is, Angel planned her visit for the 15th, having completely forgotten that was when the first one happened...Amy remembers everything important to me though, she is coming on the 21st...for the other day, and staying for a week or two... they are both very amazing and beautiful for that I acknowledge them, now I should go get my self medicating ass to
    You are not powerless, you just need to accept your power for what it is, a part of the whole, no one man can save the world, but you can be a light to those who envelope themselves in darkness, The candle that sparks the inferno.

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