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    Quote Originally Posted by htb View Post
    Because I said so.

    Appropriately enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by AvereX View Post
    Introverted because : I have a concise style of speaking

    Ntuitive because : I don't try to think, it happens and i discover it

    Feeling/Thinker : I identify with emotions readily, and am a romantic little priss
    but I want the truth and am a bit rutheless

    J : I want what i want
    I take the necessary steps to get it
    no matter how long it takes
    I could be a P by how easily I get bored.....
    but we could attribute that to to high iq vs what is presented to me
    and i like closure much too much
    a perfectionistic slut
    thats me
    posting in bold isnt necessary. if your posts seem interesting enough people will read them

    Quote Originally Posted by LucrativeSid View Post

    I'm aggressively assertive, egotistical, talkative, self-centered, random, extremely logical, brutally honest, ambitious, inventive, competitive, intelligent, perceptive, risk-taking, goofy, strong willed, slobbish, creative, adaptable, and fluid.
    ive always considered the characteristic of being self-centered as illogical.

    it's amusing to watch self-centered people shoot themselves in the foot. some people dont realize that they cant get anywhere if they cant get over themselves

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    Extrovert- I feel better after a busy 8 hour shift of interacting with people at work than after a relaxing evening at home with the dog

    Intuitive- I play with patterns for fun, and am apparently rather decent at coming up with possible outcomes for situations- and in all reality, I'm off in my own world enough that I do stupid things like walk outside in flip flops because I didn't realize that it was snowing

    Thinking- everything I do is calculated- even my niceness until I've sniffed you out! I'll admit that my Fe might throw some people off around here (and people who just meet me in real life) but my friends can attest to the fact that I'm pretty cold

    Perceiving- I'm disorganized, I can barely plan a party, I leap before looking... do I really need to go on with this?
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    I believe I am an INTP.

    1. 100% of 6 people who voted on my MBTI, type on the poll about my type picked INTP.
    2. It is what I come up most often on on tests. INFP, INFJ, INTJ, ISTP and ISTJ are other results I've gotten.
    3. After self exploration. I'm a hands-down Introvert. I like people, but prolonged interation is draining. People used to think I was mute.
    4. I have a preference for abstract thinking over concrete. I like my abstrations to be faithful to reality, however. This would indicate a slight preference for NT or NF preference as per Temperament Theory.
    5. I have a preference towards peer-relationships over one-up-one-down relationships, indicating either SP or NT as part of Temperament Theory.
    6. I focus more on structure than motive, indicating a preference for either NT or SJ as per Temperament Theory.
    7. My temperament preference was NT-NF-SP-SJ, even if the preferences were close.
    8. I am more infomative than directive, indicating either Behind-the-Scenes or Get-Things-Going interaction styles.
    9. I am more "control" oriented than "movement" oriented, indicating either Behind-the-Scenes or In-Charge interaction styles.
    10. I am more of a "Responder" than an "Initiator" indicating either Behind-the-Scenes or Chart-the-Course interaction styles.
    11. My Interaction Style Preferences were Behind-the-Scenes, Chart-the-Course, Get-things-Going, In-Charge. In-Charge was far behind the others, while Behind-the-Scenes and Chart-the-Course were close.
    12. A professionally administered DiSC test at work put me as "S," corroborating the Behind-the-Scenes selection.
    13. NT+Behind-the-Scenes indicates INTP. But the closeness of the NF temperament, SP Temperament, and the Chart-the-Course interaction styles also allows INFP, ISFP, INTJ, INFJ, and ISTP.
    14. My cognative function order has Ti as first and Ne as second, indicating an INTP. Other close functions often included Ni, Si, and Fi. So INTJ, INFP, and as a streatch, ISTJ maybe possible types from that point of view.
    15. Combining Interaction Style+Temperament, and the Cognative Function view, makes the most likely candidates, INTP, INTJ, and INFP.
    16. Looking at the MBTI dichotomies directly, my strongest preferences are for I over E, N or S (though is a more recent development), P over J (much more mellow then when I was in H.S.).
    17. Developmentally speaking (that is relating to extremely young childhood), of the 4 patterns seen in chidhood my behaviour resembled IP,IJ,EJ, and EP in that order. My high-school preference was strongly I and strongly P, but close on the others. This would tend to indicate IP. Combining this info. with what has bee thought about so far, leaves INTP and INFP but favoring INTP.
    18. My latest congnitive functions test showed a drop-off in Fi, which would be unlikely for an INFP. So INTP continues looking like the best fit.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
    Robot Fusion
    "As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance." John Wheeler
    "[A] scientist looking at nonscientific problems is just as dumb as the next guy." Richard Feynman
    "[P]etabytes of [] data is not the same thing as understanding emergent mechanisms and structures." Jim Crutchfield

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