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    I apologize if this isn't what you wanted... also for my beginner status... I'm not sure where some of these things fall. I tried to read but didn't really know where to go so just looked at how some other posters broke their's down. I've been tested multiple times as an INTP and have accepted that. I also apologize for my writing.... its just not my forte.

    present reasons as to why you think you are the type you are. i would suggest correlating information from a type profile to real life examples of what you've done and how you think. hopefully you understand the MBTI well enough that it won't just be "cause the test said so".


    * Being around people, especially those who like to talk, drains my energy and that includes loved ones. I, literally, have to escape if I can't shut them up... that may even be to the bathroom.
    * Basically, I don't think I trust people. Unless, I've seen enough, rarely, to know they're not ruled by their emotions, preconceived notions or judgements, I'm quite uncomfortable.
    * Banality bores and drains me.
    * Put me in a crowd or around people I don't know and I need an extra swipe of anti-perspirant and even that may not work.

    Intuitive I actually don't understand this one but will try.

    * Most people I know and trust think of me as psychic. I am not... although I can't convince them or explain the process I go through that results in accurate predictions. In 1981, I told friends that South Africa would have a black president probably between 1990 and 1995. South Africa was not of any particular interest to me but in my reverie, I had to have been thinking about it to make the prediction.
    * I have a strong imagination and creative drive that help in my artwork.. my profession.. but aren't limited to that. I do not enjoy writing and am not good at it... but when watching a movie, for instance, although I know what's going to happen and how it will end, I also usually have an idea that would have, in most fellow watchers estimations, made it better.
    * I can usually see a way to use something, designed for another purpose, differently and do so often. I wish I had the practical drive because I probably could have made alot of money on some. I "invented" fan-blown fragrance dispersers over 10 years ago. Necessity is the mother of invention, true, but I just enjoy challenges and creating new things.
    * I, frequently, think outside the box or see what isn't usually perceived... could be the same thing as #1... but here its more about ideas... I thought about behavioral conditioning, pet health insurance and debit cards before they came to be and things like that are, incidentally, tied in with others thinking I'm psychic too.
    * I am particularly skilled at taking esoteric perceptions some call abstractions and seeing their mundane applications and occurences.


    * I don't relate well to what others described as "emotion." Alot of my responses to others when they say they feel them has been learned from observation. I do have them to a degree... certainly love... but others I just have never felt. I do have empathy and compassion but its more mental.
    * I can be objective to the point of angering some people. I have to be careful how I state the objective in trying not to offend. I had to learn that.
    * If I am to be convinced by myself or others, it must be logical. No politician, for instance, will earn my vote with emotional appeals. Their arguement must be logically sound. I am watchful of logical fallacies. If a news analysts starts using emotional phrases, the station will be switched.
    * Obviously, I don't trust decisions that aren't based on logic.... there is "safety" in it for me.
    * Some think I have a sixth sense or intuition about people. Its not that. I've studied people and find patterns. When I see the pattern, I "know" the person. Its the same with situations.. I can see patterns and the outcome is pretty predictable.
    * This is probably what I consider my biggest personal asset. I can usually accomplish or understand a new thing because I've seen the pattern already doing or understanding something else.
    * I'm forgetful. I find myself in a room wondering what I went there for but that's because on the way I've probably flitted, mentally, to two or three other things... something grabbed my attention on the way.. either internal or external. I'm curious about too much really.
    * I usually see the "big picture"... I've had many bosses put me in charge of creating a working, efficient, system to accomplish multiple goals.... sometimes seeing where I can merge already existing systems.

    Perceiving (I don't agree with this word but here goes)

    * Do not try to control my decisions or actions... I'm quite stubborn about this. Don't try to pin me down either. I always have to have an open door to change my mind... well, unless I've decided something is logically sound... then I might comply. But... I also won't do that to anyone so it might not be stubborn... here's another... I also find out what I think as I'm writing it sometimes. lol.. and its debatable.
    * Sometime this "no-closed-door" paralyzes me... I've wanted a new floor for three years and hubby has been pressing me to make a decision... not yet. :-) I've been gathering data all that time and it keeps changing as new things arrive plus the manufacturers just lie. I"ve gotten samples and done my own tests... yes, they lie! So, how can I make a decision when I know the data is flawed or changing?
    * I know this sounds contradictory and am not sure it fits here but, even though I can size up someone pretty fast, I do make "mistakes" trusting some people. I don't particularly like this about myself but consider it my perogative and will defend that to the hilt. I think its because of the thing I call "open door".... I don't want to be controlled or dictated to by even my own apprehensions... I throw my logical best interest out the window and choose hope instead then so I whined up plunging where I shouldn't sometimes. Hard for even me to figure out. At those times, trust me, I wish I had been wrong to start with.
    * I also don't like being pinned down to schedules or rountines. I don't sleep, eat or work at the same times and variety is very important to me. I get bored. There are really only two things that are consistent... my coffee in the morning and clothing style.
    * My environment is crucial to my mental well being. But I think its because I'm visual.
    * For any given problem, personal or otherwise, I must be free to come up with a "new" perspective that resolves/fixes it. I really don't care what anyone thinks of how I choose to do that.
    * All-in-all, most who know me well refer to me as somewhat of a "maverick." I just think I'm a free spirit/thinker who will choose what works for me over what others think.

    I don't know where it fits but I love games! RPG's, strategy, word and cards. That is my main relaxation. My big pet peeves are when someone leaves something out when relating.... or if they use the wrong word that can alter the meaning... I actually don't know how to explain this one... but when it happens even if I'm the one who did it, especially when writing,... I get really disgusted. I also get annoyed when someone can't or, especially if they won't, see the forest for the trees, is overly emotional or judgemental... and egocentricity drives me right up a wall. I mean really! no one is better than anyone else!

    Edit: Ooops... I just saw you said not to say "cause the test said so." LOL... but it did.:-)

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    I've been thinking about this on and off for the past few months. I'd say I'm most likely INTP, but ISTP and INTJ are also possible.

    The I and T are pretty clear.

    I need a lot of alone-time to recharge and process everything. I'm the chattiest one on one - the more people there are, the quieter I am. I live inside my head.

    I run on Ti. The model of the world in my head is elaborate and complicated. My interactions with the outside world are mostly to feed Ti with new data/concepts. I tend to be objective and emotionally flat - I rarely make decisions based on values or emotions.

    I've considered ISTP as a possiblity. Se would probably be my weakest function, though - I'm fairly unobservant and I hate being forced to pay attention to the outside world, and I dislike doing activities in general (whether it's sport or cooking or whatever). However, I'm fine with details if it's something that interests me and I'm fine with recalling dates, or people's names etc. So - it's possible that that is Se taking in data from the real world. But, it's unlikely given how much I hate paying attention to the outside world, other than as a data source. However, I do have some Ni, recently developed, which is evidence for ISTP, given it's the third function and I'm the right age to have started to develop a tertiary function (mid-30s).

    INTJ is possible too. I'm less playful than a lot of INTPs. Ni and Ne feel like they are similar in strength for me. But, I don't like using Te much. I can do it at work if I have to, but it's really not that comfortable for me. I suspect that while I mostly run on Ti, the fact that Ni is somewhat well-developed could make me appear INTJ-ish at times.

    N vs S
    S: I can sometimes be quite literal. I usually need one example of a generality to make sense of the generality (although, once I have that one example, I can see all of the implications of that generality).
    N: Watching the undercurrents of a situation happens naturally. I don't need things spelled out - the unspoken implications are usually pretty obvious. Everything is multi-layered.

    P vs J
    I hate having to make decisions. I especially hate having to make quick decisions. I much prefer thinking through all the implications of something. And I usually procrastinate endlessly, unless there's a deadline.

    So, I'd say mostly likely INTP - but I'm not entirely sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanan View Post
    I apologize if this isn't what you wanted... also for my beginner status... I'm not sure where some of these things fall. I tried to read but didn't really know where to go so just looked at how some other posters broke their's down. I've been tested multiple times as an INTP and have accepted that. I also apologize for my writing.... its just not my forte.
    i think yours was the best so far, although this isnt a contest or an argument. i was really shooting for just an exchange of information to help people gain insight into how and how well others associate with their type, and in that regards i think your post will be very helpful
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    I could present many arguments as to why I'm not my type, but none that would create any sense of reliability as to which I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    I could present many arguments as to why I'm not my type, but none that would create any sense of reliability as to which I am.

    aye! end! tee! jay!


    why i am my type.

    Am i my type? Maybe. But then again, maybe you're right, too. It's logical.
    You gave me hyacinths first a year ago;
    They called me the hyacinth girl.
    Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden,
    Your arms full, and your hair wet, I could not
    Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither
    Living nor dead, and I knew nothing,
    Looking into the heart of light, the silence.

    --T.S Eliot, The Wasteland

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    ENFP. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, it took some time. Years. Let me give a brief history of my type confusion: I took MBTI tests and came out INTP. I made an INTP friend and he thought I was INFP. I spent some time on an INFP forum and I felt really out of place. Finally, I came here and began to do some detective work on my type. I started with INFP.. switched to INTP.. switched back to INFP.. back to INTP.. gave up.. discovered my REAL enneagram type (I'd always been told I was a 4, but it didn't make sense with me) which is 3, and the book correlated 3s with ENTP. Then I began to research ENTP.. it seemed to fit more than INTP or INFP.. but as you can see if you read my blog, it just didn't work. I do not use Ti very much. I use Te. I know this! I am not analytical like dom/aux Ti's are. So.. then, in jest at first, I considered how I might be an ENFP. I read, and I read, and I read, and I couldn't believe how much I identified with everything about the ENFP. The functions.. Ne Fi Te Si.. this made sense, because I am definitely Ne dom. Fi.. yes I am a feeler, but I don't like BAD feelings.. this is consistent with ENFP. Te, definitely. My Te is what allows me to be objective and detached quite often..

    Extravert--how am I an extravert?! Well, let me tell you. I have severe withdrawal effects if I'm not in contact with other people. I have to have them around me, or be talking to them to feel sane. I get so much energy and excitement out of interacting with others. Half the things I want to say, I keep inside because I just don't know when to shut up! I enjoy people and I am very warm and inviting (so my friends tell me, which is probably why they always wanted to hang out). When I lived back home, I would spend ALL day with my friends. And all night. I "overdo" it, but it makes me so happy and excited.
    Feeler--I am sensitive. I avoid conflict. I ignore things that bother me, unless it is in my relationship, then I bring it up. I HATE criticism. Hate it. There are some entries in my blog that will attest to this. I am deeply affected by things.. It is Fi that makes me this way. Everything is "beautiful" and I am always inspired by my surroundings.

    Anyway, that is all I feel like addressing at the moment. I haven't eaten all day, and should probably have something.

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    I'm aggressively assertive, egotistical, talkative, self-centered, random, extremely logical, brutally honest, ambitious, inventive, competitive, intelligent, perceptive, risk-taking, goofy, strong willed, slobbish, creative, adaptable, and fluid.

    My interaction style is combination of "in charge" and "get things going". I enjoy debating.

    If that sounds like a dangerous combination, don't worry, I use the good ones to make up for my weaknesses. I can be a sensitive and caring sweetheart, too.

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    Because I said so.

    Appropriately enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by htb View Post
    Because I said so.

    Appropriately enough.
    That actually made sense.

    You are your type--

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    Introverted because : I have a concise style of speaking

    Ntuitive because : I don't try to think, it happens and i discover it

    Feeling/Thinker : I identify with emotions readily, and am a romantic little priss
    but I want the truth and am a bit rutheless

    J : I want what i want
    I take the necessary steps to get it
    no matter how long it takes
    I could be a P by how easily I get bored.....
    but we could attribute that to to high iq vs what is presented to me
    and i like closure much too much
    a perfectionistic slut
    thats me
    I N V I C T U S

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