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    Default Keeping your most treasured treasures with you at all time?

    Man I am feeling quite inquisitive today!

    I have yet another question for the world.

    I am a senitmentalist- I have also become accustomed to the life of a nomad as I have moved 28 times and I am only 25. When you have moved that often and have had to let things go before a move- you get used to keeping your biggest treasures with you at all times out of habit. Especially if when you don't they get thrown out accidently or misplaced or lost.

    To this day I have a little purse that I keep my most treasured things in- my coupons- my most favorite pieces of jewelry which are three watches- and most importantly little love notes that my husband has written me over the years. I love those notes and re-read them often- they really help when you are having a -the whole world is against you day,lol. Plus it is a way of keeping him with me wherever I am.

    I keep that little purse with me everywhere- I am never without it. I could never even leave it in a car even to run really quickly inside the post office. I keep it in a safe place at my house but outside of my house I am always with it and it with me.

    I was wondering if other people had certain sentimental things that they keep with them at all times and why they think they do that.
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    I wear the necklace my mother gave me awhile ago almost everyday, but most of my precious things stay in my little jewelry box at home where I can't lose them. I know if I brought something dear to me everywhere I went, it would get left on a bus or in some classroom. ):

    Oh, I wear the necklace my mother gave me because it gives me some kind of strength. It's nice to have something to remind me of her when I am in an uncomfortable situation. (:

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