Post tales of when you or someone where injured, but injured in a way that was funny, like 'home videos injury funny'.

A few months ago there was a spider crawling on the side of my living room wall and I attempted to kill is asap. Since I didn't have any good flat objects around me I used my knife instead to kill it. But when I went in for the kill the spider jumped towards me and I got startled and I dropped my knife, which ended up cutting a small gash in my finger. Now everytime I go to kill a spider (or any bug) my brother teases me about how I shouldn't use a knife.

Earlier this week I was taking a shower and when I closed the lid to the body wash bottle, a dab or excesse body wash flicked into my right. It certainly stung my hell, yet my mother said I was being a wimp.

So let's hear your tales of painful humor!