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    Default My Alphonse Mucha avatar, and Mucha

    I love Mucha, which is why I have one of his bits of art for my current avatar.

    But does it seem to anyone else that the dainty, fairy-like, scantily-clad woman has a large, bootylicious rear? Or at least that she's swirling the gauze around her in such a way as to indicate that it's pretty luscious? Naughty Mucha!

    Anyone else a Mucha fan? I love him and Art Nouveau generally.
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    Hmmm. I had to google it to see more of his work, but it is definitely a sort of art style I do enjoy

    it would help if you can provide more info on the artist, and examples of his work

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    I love it! Art nouveau is definately my favorite art style.
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