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    Quote Originally Posted by Lien View Post
    at times, i feel like i am wasting precious posting space when i post here.. i am terrified of posting too. years of social ineptitude, and then - everything out. creepy? weird girl? am i embarrassing, embarrassing you, embarrassing everyone? i feel fear creeping up from my chest. they won't like me. i'll just take up a small space in this corner over here.

    so i tell myself, "it's not about me." is it for them? if not then, what am i doing here? and i uneasily fumble around for a reason. i stare to the ground and wiggle my toes. it's okay to just be here, right?

    and i realize, all i need to do is relax. and just watch. just like when i was a kid.
    Yes, please post more, Lien.

    Quote Originally Posted by LunaLuminosity View Post
    Yep, this is the place to chill. We're all weird here anyway

    You only have 34 posts and I'm already recognizing you, so that is a good start.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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    yeah, post more, Lien and SuchIrony.

    When I first joined I felt insignificant on this forum, and as an SJ, I often feel it, but without realizing it, I began to see the positives of it. Like I express sooo much more (which feels great) when I think very few people care about what I say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lien View Post
    and as i stand in the middle of the two mirrors called Herring and Victor, i find i am fascinated. Herring reflects the reflection of Victor and Victor reflects the reflection of Herring, and the reflection of the reflection of the reflection repeat endlessly, spiraling into infinity.

    isn't it beautiful? in just a fleeting moment, Herring and Victor will exist forever, in each other eyes.
    what a nice feeling it is to have a fond memory, but even better would be to exist forever, as a fond memory in each other hearts.

    and as i look into both of the mirrors, i think to myself, what if i stumbled and fell into one of the mirrors, would i ever come back?
    Yes, fall into infinity, fall into our eyes. You may choose to fall into her eyes or mine, and in her eyes you will meet me, and in my eyes, you will find her. But most of all, you will complete us and we will form our own trinity.

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