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    Default What perks do you have (or wish you had) at your job?

    My first job in the IS department of a book publisher:
    - free tea, coffee, hot chocolate
    - occasional free meals provided by the company
    - free beer and hot dogs/hamburgers at the annual company picnic

    Second job as a web developer for a small web marketing company:
    - on rare occasions we would go out to a restaurant as a company and eat free (10 person company)
    - go out as a group to see a movie free
    - there was a couch I occasionally slept on

    Current job as a programmer/developer for a constantly growing consulting company:
    - go out to lunch with the team when there is a new hire
    - bonuses (although this doesn't actually apply to me since I don't work more than 150 hours a month)
    - people can bring in their dogs
    - free soda, bottled water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, ramen noodles, bagels, bananas, cereal
    - beer Friday: people hang out after work for maybe an hour or two in the breakroom playing Guitar Hero on the XBox360, drinking beer, and eating chicken wings

    The two perks I wish I had are:
    - tuition reimbursement for attending college (I have a friend that has this at his work)
    - a place to take 15-20 minute naps after lunch

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    * Fully stocked kitchen and free lunch every day (dinner too if we go late)
    * No dress code
    * Can write off movie tickets, cable bill, and DVD rentals and purchases
    * Occasional travel
    * Get paid a rental fee for using my own computer at work

    Wish I had
    * Shorter hours
    * More opportunity to leave during the day to run important errands
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    What I am curious about.... do the perks (or lack of perks) affect the perception of your job?

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    I would be quite happy simply to receive a discount on what I sell at the store as an employee

    my perks? I'm allowed to slip out and walk my dog, do my homework and occasionally get a free bottle of wine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I would be quite happy simply to receive a discount on what I sell at the store as an employee

    my perks? I'm allowed to slip out and walk my dog, do my homework and occasionally get a free bottle of wine!
    You don't get a discount? What the hell do they sell? That company must suck, I get free PCs from my job (not the latest ones but the oldest ones either), I really have no complaints about my job. I love the people and my Boss is the best Boss I ever worked for, I just wished I would get paid more or I would learn a little more.
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    She works at a liquor store.

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    not having to go at some point every day

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    I used to work for a small nonprofit organization. People would often give us stuff for a tax write-off (or just to be nice or feel good). Some things sat around for several years without being used. Every now and then I'd go through those things and ask for the ones I could use.

    Among the stuff I'm still using:
    ~three metal-casing windows, previously in a car parts store, which I used in my living room when I built my house
    ~an old but well-made and very comfy armchair
    ~enough nice, heavy fabric to make a slipcover for that armchair
    ~an old, solid wood schoolteacher's desk
    ~bathroom sink
    ~laundry room sink
    ~tile for my bath surround
    ~all my kitchen cabinets
    ~dog bed/chair
    ~assorted sheets and pillow cases

    edit: Oh yeah, and I was allowed to bring my dog to work with me. She stayed in my office and at lunch we played in the creek and walked through the woods. And when my car broke down I was allowed to borrow a company car. And I used a company pick-up for hauling building supplies on occasion.

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    Hmm, I work a fairly odd job, doing lighting/stage work for events at my school, and some outside of it. (They built a huge auditorium, and now rent it out to groups for shows/events, I get paid for working the outside events).

    -Great pay, can't beat what often amounts to $12-20 an hour, considering I'm 16.
    -Fridge, Toaster, Microwave.
    -Often free food from the groups that come in
    -Interesting, semi-dangerous (I'm often working on lights while leaning over a railing 50ft in the air), and always different.

    I wish I had:

    -More regular tends to be along the lines of nothing for a week, then working psycotic hours. (I've had more than a few 19hr days).
    -More knowledge in advance of when they'll need me, I often get called a couple hours beforehand.
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    Default Long Answer - Just in time for my b-school apps, thanks!

    Retail Jobs
    -All the expired (but still very good) 'gourmet' chocolate I could eat.
    -50% off first $200 purchase at clothing retail. Minor discounts later on which to waste my minimum wage on things I do not need.
    -Interacted with hundreds of people a week which kept me on my toes. Nice mix of homeless crazy people, tourists, office workers, etc. etc. etc.
    -Trad retail is surprisingly gay friendly

    -Working at malls is a BAD idea since a lot of retail workers are young women with bad impulse control and not a lot of credit counseling. I bought so much junk at other stores and my own.

    -The people you work with make or break your experience. I would NEVER put up with a lot of the behavior I did in my early 20s.

    Field Membership Recruiting Job
    -Home office.
    -Company car all paid for including gas, maintenance, insurance. Even a little bit every month for car washes.
    -10 paid days vacation, 7 paid sick days, 2 paid personal days and no hassle taking time off
    - 50% 401K match (and this is a REAL 50% match not some lame 50% match of the first 20% mumbo jumbo which ends up being $15.00 on $1000 or
    something ridiculous like that)
    -Company cel. phone
    -Company laptop
    -Company printer
    -Internet bill paid for
    -$20-$40 comped for meals when staying overnight in a location.
    -Make your own schedule as long as you hit your quota no one cares.
    -Decent salary with annual pay review/raise.
    -Company was owned by European parent corp. so had integrity and treated employees very well. Lots of diversity awareness in my sphere of work
    because of nature of the job and lots of women and people of color as employees.
    -A lot of cordial 'everday' folks and atmosphere.
    -I also improved my bilingual skills immensely as I was technically a bilingual rep.

    -Worked evenings and every weekend
    -Lots of driving and time on the road so I ate poorly and gained weight
    -Hard to maintain active social life (some people who partied too hard or otherwise got distracted ended up being let go)
    -Job doesn't stop because of weather or dangerous driving conditions or even some holidays'
    -Oh yeah, and sometimes you get people yelling at you, dogs barking and/or biting you, and people threatening to call the cops on you.
    -Somewhat risky nature. When I first started and asked my manager for pointers she said, "Where comfortable shoes, you never know when you'll need to
    run". Hahahahaha. I have other stories. "Sales" is not for the weak!

    Temp Jobs
    -Biggest perk is meeting a lot of people and working in many different work environments
    -Not the most taxing work, a good way to be a slacker or undecided and still get paid

    Anecdote: I once spent a couple days at a large government agency. It was so hilarious that they had little tea and coffee bags in the break room with a note that said, "Please leave $1.00 for each bag you take".


    Poor government peons. Of course, you bastards roll out of work so early rushhour starts at 3pm. Grrr...

    Contract Admin Assist for Gov't Subcontractor
    -All the water and tea you could drink.
    -Learned a lot about former USSR, heard lots of interesting stories
    -Sometimes free lunches. Mindless job so not that taxing.
    -In a hot spot area of town.
    -Manager had faith in my abilities and I had a long leash. I got away with a lot, like essentially making my own hours.
    -Met some interesting, not always pleasant, people and even one woman I stayed in touch with after I left.

    -The managers here treat lower level employees (like myself) like shit and makes me wonder what other job experience they have.

    Corporate Consulting
    -Nice relatively fat paycheck.
    -Generous performance bonus of 1/3 your base salary which theoretically was reachable.
    -Nice office in downtown
    -Free gym
    -The 'prestige' of the job
    -Interacting directly with 'c-level executives' and hearing first hand things that go on in Fortune 1000 companies
    -Lots of opportunity for travel within the states and globally
    -Having a high level of responsibility and involvement
    -Some of my peers were nice.
    -Hip baller atmosphere at company meetings and functions.

    -Horrible, horrible training program.
    -Supervision and management non-existent
    -Got thrown into a troubled ship w/ no support and fought a losing battle with assholes.
    -Didn't fit with the culture of the company, felt like a fish out of water

    I've had a pretty good learning experience with all my jobs, random and otherwise. Learned a lot about people, both within a work environment and otherwise. I have a pretty good idea of what kind of environment I thrive in and what I want to work in and what to expect from people. Even the bad experiences and failures I greatly value because I feel I learned and grew immensely and am a better person for it. Also, seeing how ignorant, racist, and just bastardly people in the workplace can be, including managers and owners was very eye opening. I appreciate it all.

    I think perks can go a ways to making a bearable situation more bearable but if you don't like your job or don't feel you are paid enough, perks generally don't do it. If you look into the theory of it, it's 'hygiene factors' vs. uh..what people look for in a job which primarily is acknowledgement and feeling like you make an impact.
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