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    The ENTPs I know are passionate about taking risks, working with amazing people towards a goal, starting new projects/gaining support for a concept, and taking on bigger and bigger challenges. There is nothing in particular they are consistently passionate about itself, rather they are passionate about ideas and the process of something coming to fruition.

    The last healthy and fulfilled ENTP I met did venture financing for new businesses. He loved spotting potential and then using his network to bring them to life. I have also recently met an ENTP in publishing who loves covering press for new and exciting events and developments.

    I think if you can find something you're good at that incorporates a lot of ongoing variety and novelty you will be able to stick to it and make it a passion. I think because it takes a lot of social/corporate climbing to get into a position where your ideas will be taken seriously a lot of ENTPs aren't happy with their careers for some time. A lot just float around from job to job until they're bored or start companies.
    With dreamers, pure and simple, the imagination remains a vaguely sketched inner affair. It is not embodied in any aesthetic or practical invention. Reverie is the equivalent of weak desires. Dreamers are the aboulics of the creative imagination.

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    Oh, passion, love... Sometimes is so easy for me to find them... And I don't need to love someone for a long time: it's boring. I think for us, ESFP, love is a king a short adventure. I lose my head for a while, after that, I wake up. But right now, I hate my situation: I'm in a long time relationship and I hate that.

    But right now, I have a new interest field: MBTI. It's not passion, but it's obsession (for me). MBTI it's knowledge, but it's no love or passion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoom View Post
    one of the only constants I've ever known: my curiosity and love of learning.
    ditto. curse of Pe dom and enneagram 7.

    i'd like to find a constant passion too. though i suspect, unless "hurling myself into new situations" (aka travel) counts, that doesn't really exist.

    now to figure out how to make that a job

    incidentally - i do not have any troubles staying with one constant person. i don't really understand how or why that works. it's a double-edged sword too though.

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    I was excessively passionate as a very young woman - about literature, poetry, the desert, running away to California (that's twice now), falling in love, the night sky, looking at the stars, feeling the grass beneath my bare feet and the wind in my hair, and listening to music. None of those things are probably gonna get me a job, so I mostly stuck to dancing and waitressing, until I went to school for lit (something I was passionate about!) and realized I couldn't turn it into a career I was passionate about, unless I start writing books at some point, and for some reason I'm not especially passionate about doing that.

    I tend to be passionate about my politics and human rights, and I also enjoy cooking and things. I'm still a pretty passionate person, though a bit more subdued than I was at sixteen or twenty-one, and it hasn't led to a career as of yet.

    I do think historical preservation would be awesome, though. I forgot - I've been passionate about old houses and historic buildings since I was a wee girl. That and cats, but don't ask me to be a vet because I'm too squeamish to operate on them.

    Passion is such a natural thing to me that I''m not sure how to teach it to someone. It's my very being. It also hasn't really led to any sort of career, but it has given me a fairly interesting life.

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    Queen Kat wins this thread. Most passionate response, without even knowing. Did you ever hear anyone bitching against passion in a more passionate way?

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    I think my response initially is similar to Queen Kat's but in a different medium: School. It's so weird to try to define this word, or in what context. As a 24 year old student, I'm left trying to find the things in the world I'm passionate about and trying to exploit it for profit. Can passion really even be defined by a lot of people? When I separate myself from the demands of college and finding "the right career to pursue," I get left with the things that mean the most to me:

    1. My dedication to science and technical knowledge and expertise. It's been part of who I am for as long as I can remember to respect the power of knowledge and understanding. Whether I'm involved in a project or living everyday life, I see myself as a scientist.

    2. Having an avid fascination and respect for the professional business world. Working in an office atmosphere just seems normal to me.

    3. My ongoing desire to push my level of understanding of the world around me in all respects as well as my understanding of myself. Pushing myself to see past the daily motions, the surface perceptions, looking broader and past the rules. Understanding myself on a constantly deeper level, knowing how to tell the difference between following myself and following others.

    4. My past that serves to remind me of where I've been, who I've known, what I've done. My entire music collection has memories of everything or everyone important to me and keeps me going during everything.

    And if you really look at it, my 4 points describe the 4 functions of my type. 1 - Te, 2 - Si, 3 - Ne, 4 - Fi

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