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    Good luck.

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    Poor guy.

    I think I know what this is about. I'm sorry that it's causing you this much pain.

    You are very likely going to have to ask around about government programs, and where you could go in order to get psychological help. It would probably be especially useful to ask people who work for the government, like police officers and such. The US doesn't invest much in social programs, so it's possible that you may not be considered for any free psychological help unless you need it so badly that you've gotten to the point that you're unable to function.

    If you can't get any help that way, I would suggest telling family members that you feel like you need psychological help, and that you've tried to get it on your own, but you can't afford it. Chances are that one of them will be concerned enough to help pay, but you'll probably have to disclose your reasons for wanting to go and pretty much bare your soul. It may be worth it, though.

    Although, if you don't seem disturbed enough to have the government to help you, and your family won't help you... you'll either have to get a job and earn money before you can see a psychologist, or purposely act out in more neurotic ways in order to get government help. Though, try to do the latter without breaking any laws, or they might simply send you to jail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Help as in psychiatric treatment.

    I'm not actually sure that I need help, but I'm running out of ideas, I'm in a bit of tight spot, some people have suggested the idea to me, and now someone I know is vehemently telling me I need it.

    I don't know anything about how to do this (in ironic contrast to how much I know about psychology). I don't know where or how to go see someone, and what I need to do to get treatment. If it costs any money at all, I probably can't consider it right now, so that's a problem. But my friend says that if I'm unemployed and such there should be a way to get free treatment in my city, supposing they find something wrong with me. Is that true? I don't know.
    Right, do you have a General Practitioner? Or is there a GP clinic near you that you can register with? I think you could get in contact through an Emergency Room too, psychiatrists are medical doctors who may have specialisms in neurology but who will have training in psychology and psycho-pharmocology which is all your brain chemistry medications. In the UK at least they will do a number of tests to see if there's an organic basis for any symptoms, so check for brain lesions (spelling), to a toxicology screen, test for diabetes, test for other organic illnesses which will influence brain or body chemistry.

    Be clear about your symptoms in any self-report contact with a medical professional, if you're using any meds take the boxes with you or have a list or scripts for them, if you could have an idea about what your family history is, especially if there's a history of medical complaints or medical interventions of a psychiatric nature or any symptoms which would strongly suggest an undiagnosed complaint, do not bullshit if you've been messing with mind altering substances or abused alcohol or drugs either. They'll want to know if the symptoms can be ascribed to endogenous or exogenous causes, endogenous will have an organic basis, the exogenous variety are generally ascribeable to external stress, situational stressors.

    If there isnt any organic basis for the illness then you could be refered to other professionals, psychologists, social workers, perhaps even project workers in NGOs or some alternative, which deal with behavioural or psychological symptoms and assessments. Having no organic basis to illnesses of mind or mood doesnt make them any the less serious or anything. If you are going to be seeing someone for at the taxpayers expense or who works on the basis of charitable contributions or something like that you could find they are oversubscribed.
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    Take advantage of county mental health. Do it now.
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    Some good advice posted above already. My only addendum would be this: ask for referrals. If you try one avenue and they can't help you, ask them to suggest someone who can. If that person can't, ask them the same thing.

    If you don't know where to get started, find a friend or acquaintance or just anyone you can ask, and request a referral, even if you know that you won't be able to afford their services or whatever. You don't have to get into details, just ask for a referral. Keep doing it until you find what you need. Best of luck.

    If you really, absolutely are up a blind alley about where to begin, PM me.

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