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    Ultimately, the parent will have to guide a child's ambition along realistic lines. Like she said, children have no sense of reality check, and even though for some kids their ambitions may play out quite well, one can not assume it would go like that for all kids. Sure, kids are the future and all that, but on the other side, leave kids in charge and things will be disastrous.

    Granted, she makes a good point in that it's never a bad idea to allow a child a certain freedom to explore and not dismiss anything without though. But the same goes for the other side of the perspective. A child should not be encouraged in every single one of their whims. I don't know about you, but I knew that much already before I saw her video.

    Lovely girl though, quite smart for her age. But there's not much new for me by watching this. :P
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    Actually she remainds me of a few girls that I knew back in school. The attitude is identical.
    I wasn't not impressed with this back then so I am not impressed now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post

    She's using learned techniques for public speaking. Her patterns of speech, the pregnant pauses, the injection of humour, her body language, much of it looks like veneer.

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