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Thread: Magic Days

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    Default Magic Days

    Have you had them? You know...the days where you feel so good, you just don't want them to end? You may not be doing anything extraordinary but you feel so alive that day. The days seems like it goes on forever (or you wish it so) and it makes an imprint in your memory.

    Share your magic day. I'll go first.

    I went to a family reunion when I was 16. We went to Six Flags but had to leave early because of some other planned activities. My sister and I were really disappointed because we hadn't even had the chance to go on the roller coasters. Well, a very observant young man took pity on us and offered to bring us back later that night. We went and it was like magic. I remember standing in the line with him and he put his arm around me--we all felt so good and were in such high spirits. It was really incredible and I never forgot it.

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    Ah, the kindness of strangers. Nice.

    What stands out as a 'magic day' for me is the very first night I met this person I'm 'kinda with' (in FB-parlance, I'm in an 'Its Complicated' with them. LOL). We went on a blind date and I wasn't particularly impressed... I just wanted to tough the dinner out and then move on. Felt like it might turn out to be a wasted night. Little did I know. We ended up hanging out for a couple of hours after dinner and by the time I left to go back to my place, I honestly felt as though I was in the grip of a fever. The intellectual, physical and emotional connection were just out of this world. Explosive stuff. I tossed and turned the whole night. It felt like I'd had ten cans of Redbull. But it hurt so good.

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    Every day.. This sack of water manages to not dissolve and continues to move around and house my soul.

    Yes.. every day is magical

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