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I've never thought of that as liberating, but you're right. I can see how letting go of that illusion of control can bring peace. It is like playing tug of war with an immovable object and just letting the rope slip through your ragged, cramped hands.
Yes, learning what I can and cannot control has proven to be one of the greatest challenges/lessons of life so far. I would often try to control things I couldn't, or thought I didn't have any impact over things that I did. I feel like I always quote this, but the moment I heard it, it just sounded so powerfully inside me and the words and idea have stuck with me ever since: every pose* is comprised of equal parts effort and surrender. I just see that theme of effort and surrender showing up over and over in so many different contexts - personal goals, relationships, exercise...

*i.e. yoga

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No shame in it. I know a wealthy, successful scientist and CEO who has every amusement (including women ) at his disposal. He asked me to direct him to the best colored pencils that money could buy. And I asked about what art he makes. He told me he uses them for coloring-in diagrams in textbooks. Coloring. Just like you, Gromit. Just like the adults who enjoy quiet time coloring as a therapy for post traumatic stress disorder. There is something about the moving hand making marks on paper. Its meditative. No one should feel embarrassed to do it

Along with the other ideas on creativity that you both have posted, I have to agree. You sort of have to let go of how you think you should be, just work with the medium, let it work in you almost, like nothing else matters. It is energizing and calming at the same time, and sometimes exhausting too, but the good kind of exhausting.