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    I don't have a birthmark. Or I can't find it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Herring View Post
    You mean..I´m not unique?!

    It means the young lady is unusually well equipped for somebody of her stature. Do I have to simplify further? She´s got big boobs.
    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    Thank you, Red Herring.
    LMAO at "fat girl bra"
    Hey, all you said was "I wear a bra usually associated with women at least twice the rest of my size." Wearing some special kind of bra is unique. Wearing a bra of conventional design and construction is not.

    Big boobs don't make you unique, there are lots of women out there with big boobs.

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    1) I carry jumper cables in my car
    2) I'm trading my phone in on New Years, because the contract allows a cheap trade up every two years
    3) The other day, I used the internet to look up song lyrics
    4) My favorite Beatle is John Lennon
    5) I find small, furry mammals cute

    Oh, now I'm sadder.

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    As I considered how to fill this in, I wondered to myself "how can a human being be so exceptional yet so boring?"

    Quote Originally Posted by tawanda View Post
    I'm unique because I don't use 5 reasons to prove how unique I am.
    I guess not, because Salomé beat you to it.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

    INTP. Type 1>6>5. sx/sp.
    Live and let live will just amount to might makes right

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    The thing with snowflakes is that while they are unique up close, they look all the same from far away. And only a few of the billions of them get looked at before they melt into a muddy puddle during the thaw. You could probably uniquely ID me on these features:

    1) Hispanic, grew up on the Mexican border, yet is not Catholic and does not know Spanish.
    2) Hardcore computer geek that doesn't play WoW, or any other video game, really.
    3) Distinguishing physical traits as commented on by medical professionals: my tongue is large, my spinal cavity is narrow, and my back muscles are huge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post
    Forget that shit!
    I totally approve.
    Life's too short for self-derogatory bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    5) I actually crave a bunch of food that other people think is gross - beans, broccoli and, pickle juice?
    There is only one problem with asparagus.

    Please provide feedback on my Nohari and Johari Window by clicking here: Nohari/Johari

    Tri-type 639

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    1. I knit a lot, and I knit fairly complicated things It's gotten to the point that when I tell people that I made that hat I'm wearing, they go "HOLY SH*T." It makes me very proud of myself

    2. I do the best Jigglypuff (and Yoshi) impersonations pretty much anywhere

    3. I sing like an 8-year-old boy, despite being a college-age girl (which sounds bizarre but is actually lovely in a certain type of choir)

    4. My hair is large and curly, like this only bigger and brown. I am apparently impossible to miss on the street
    5. I am wearing fleece socks with penguins on them
    EJCC: "The Big Questions in my life right now: 1) What am I willing to live with? 2) What do I have to live with? 3) What can I change for the better?"
    Coriolis: "Is that the ESTJ Serenity Prayer?"

    ESTJ - LSE - ESTj (mbti/socionics)
    1w2/7w8/3w4 so/sx (enneagram)
    member of the month (May 2018)
    want to ask me something? go for it!

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    1. Whenever I travel somewhere, I always ignore one of the most noteworthy sights (e.g in NY I refused to see the Statue of Liberty, in Ottawa I closed my eyes when I passed parliament).
    2. I do a kickass Julie Andrews impression, which alarms and embarrasses my father.
    3. I am very good at mental math, which has earned me the nickname Rain Man, among friends and coworkers.
    4. I have reached 74mph on the radar gun, pitching from a major league mound. (Which I guess isn`t that great, but I think it is).
    5. I once wrote a 10 page essay consisting entirely of rhyming couplets, and managed a B- on it

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    1. I prefer my icecream to be mostly melted when I eat it

    2. I often wear mismatched socks because I don't care enough to match them, however, they must feel the same on my feet as one another

    3. I can't stand to wear anything around my wrists... watches, bracelets, wrist bands, anything

    4. I watched the movie The Ice Princess with a Canadian ambassador

    5. I almost never capitalize letters when writing... including my own name
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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