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    What I have discovered is that the more you make, the more your standard of living goes up. That is, you become accustomed to a better life and increased level of consumption. There is a point though where you feel you don't need any more and diminishing marginal utility kicks in. I think that level of vastly different for different individuals. So, 5M might be peanuts to one person and a fortune to another.
    5M would seem like a fortune to me, although I have this weird thing where the more money I have the less I want to spend it. I am actually not careless with money until I know I don't have enough either way, then I can do some pretty dumb things to perk myself up.

    That said to the OP, the question would be freedom from what? Since different people have different underlying needs, I imagine money will vary in its ability to provide a sense of freedom.

    For me time is money, so I would like to buy time, without being on constant guard for my well being, it would open up opportunities like, Idk going to Disneyland for the weekend. Getting rest. Or spending time on more important things.

    I think if you view money in that regard and spend both it and your time wisely, yes you can produce freedom, but nothing just happens, you have to make that the case.

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