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    I'm going christmas shopping for the ladies in my life (mom, step-mom, sister, mother-in-law) soon and I'm probably going to get them all stuff from my work because my work has the coolest stuff, and I believe in shopping for others as you would shop for yourself.

    I'll update once I've actually gone out and purchased. (A week or so.)

    My boyfriend I don't give gifts to each other. We'd rather shop together for ourselves.

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    mom - she would be embarrassed if she knew I was posting it on the internet, she was even embarrassed asking me about it
    dad - ties (he asked for it!) and restaurant gift certificate so they can go on a DATE!!!
    bro (30)- some CDs and this thing for making your own tea from herbs
    sis (24) - a thing for making egg mcmuffins (she wanted that too) and a kitchen scale
    sis (21) - tools for carving letterboxing stamps and a small tripod for her camera
    bro (19)- ??? he's in the midst of missionary service, I have no idea what he'd even want/like
    sis (17) - probably just money, because as far as I can tell, her favorite activity is shopping for clothes with her friends :rolleyes2:

    I have to be careful, spoiling them. I think because we didn't really get nice things that much growing up that I want to lavish them with gifts, just because I can.

    Everyone else is getting homemade pistachio macaroons and candied orange slices dipped in chocolate and a little handmade card.
    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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    My family is planning to spoil my neice & nephew (ages 6 & 4) but as for the adults we pretty much usually just trade gift certificates so this year we have decided 1!! small gift per person

    ps.......that's the neice & nephew!^

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    I am actually partly doing the making-things-for-people bit this time, which is rare for me - and everyone has to get them after Christmas because I'm not going to be here.


    Father who is technically a step: Alpaca and silk yarn, midnight blue and grey interwoven for a rippling effect. Scarf.

    Mater: Movies which aren't available in the country she's currently living in because censorship is apparently the second biggest hobby after going to huge indoor malls.

    Best friend: Video card for his computer because his died a smoky death. Easiest gift I ever chose. Whilst on the phone with him: "My computer is smokin-SHIT."

    Brother: Coal.

    Dog: Steak.

    I'm making a couple of metalworking projects which no one knows about in case I screw them up, using unique materials for me. These will go to certain other people.

    Boy: Car mount for 'ze Jesus Phone.

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    They shall all get the best gift anyone can ever receive.

    Time with me :}

    If they're not happy when it's time for me to leave.

    They better get me shiz though. >:E

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    That was hypocritical in the most hilarious possible way, YWIR.

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    no idea yet. I really really really hate the gift-giving of christmas (even receiving gifts). At least the food is good.

    stupid christmas and all your stupid stress and awkwardness.

    -end of thread-

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    Mom - I got her some earrings in Copenhagen, also a couple of small things: a purse hanger and some wool dryer balls I made.

    Dad - A book about the history of the company he works at (which is also a big part of MN history), and probably a gift certificate to Golfsmith

    Brother - Page-a-day calendar with quotes about left-handedness, taking him and his wife to see a screening of the British Advertising Awards winners, and probably a giftcard from iTunes or something
    Brother's wife - Harry Potter wall calendar, some sort of giftcard (don't like to get them heavy/big stuff, cause they live in Vegas and have to cart everything back home in their luggage)

    Husband - Kindle

    Husband's sister - some lotion she wanted, also a purse hanger

    Mother in Law - Book about MN churches, purse hanger
    Father in Law - Book about the history of John Deere tractors (he's a farmer), and probably a CD

    My BFF and I don't exchange gifts, but instead go out to dinner or something together
    The one friend I do exchange gifts with - I got her a children's book in Denmark (she kind of collects them), purse hanger
    Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting.

    My blog:
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    Visiting and will be bringing...

    Family - New computer
    Family, mostly Dad - New flat screen TV
    Dad - New Grateful Dead, Buena Vista Social Club, and Quicksilver Messenger Service box sets
    Sisters - ipods or itunes stuff
    Mom - Tried to give her a Kindle, denies she'll accept it

    First Christmas I'm really banking... sooo

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    I dunno. Tend to just steal lingerie or something small and expensive to give away. Does not mean enough for me that I am willing to spend my own money. I try to cut down on my thieving tendencies. But on these occasions it's really handy to have the skills. Besides, that makes Christmas at least a little fun.

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