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Thread: Sensorish poll!

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    Quote Originally Posted by faith View Post
    By season-color-typing, I'm a summer. I look best in soft cool colors, like what Jae Rae describes. Autumn and spring colors kill me as well. Black is too harsh; navy works better.
    I'm a winter. My best colors are navy blue, black, or dark green.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post
    I'm a winter. My best colors are navy blue, black, or dark green.
    Me too. Most of my clothes are black, navy or medium blue. Somed medium to dark purple. All my shoes are black, all three pair, lol.

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    I'm an autumn. Most of my clothes are in the rust, browns, reds, salmon, and creams... but I wear a lot of accessories in black.
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