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  • English

    23 30.67%
  • History

    15 20.00%
  • Math

    31 41.33%
  • Science

    6 8.00%
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    Math - I have no problem with the logical thinking. But you all say math is "free" and crap I just find it ridiclous. Most Algebra and Geometry and other core mathematical subjects are not really anything at all other then remembering formula's and plugging them into equations that don't even matter. At least when you remember boring facts in english or history they actually matter alittle bit. They APPLY to life on some way. X= -Insert Unnecessarily long number here- does not make me give a shit about math.

    I always liked english. Mainly because I always had really great teachers. I'm good at pretty much every non-poetry part of it.

    Science - I love science itself. I dislike the way teachers teach it. They always...did it wrong. Ever since 4th grade I believed I could explain scientific principles better then my teacher and also apply them to labs better then them. The only science I don't care for is physics. If you ask me its the ONLY boring field of science. And the ONLY science I disliked I had for 3 years straight.

    History - I also like history in general. But once again the textbooks and teachers. Just terrible. Although for history its mostly the textbooks. We learn the same shit every year. They teach us nothing important. My school has to nerve to give us 3 OF 4 YEARS OF U.S HISTORY. The fuck. Theirs more to the world then the 300 years the U.S existed. I love ancient history. I HATE U.S history. I also hate black history. After studying the same exact thing every year ever since kindagarden I felt the nerve to kill every history teacher who ever talked about MLK. I COLORED HIM IN PRE-K. NO NEED TO RECITE HIS ROLE IN THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MOVEMENT IN 12TH GRADE. I live in an all black area so I pretty much have to deal with the same exact MLK speech being awkwardly recited by some kid at the assembly each year. And terrible and inaccurate portrayals of black history. I'm not even black and I know more about black history then my teacher. Black history month for my school is pretty much all MLK. Rosa Parks. Alantic slave trade. Malcom X and Jacky Robinson. If you asked any black kid in my school to name any black hero other then them they would be at a lost.

    I love all subjects. I just don't feel any of my academic classes did them justice. And focused on way too unimportant aspects of each course.
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    English>>> Science ~Math> History

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    We learn a lot by studying the past. History keeps repeating itself, and learning the reasons behind meaningful events make you smart, as you hardly get surprised.

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    Core subjects as taught in public schools? I'm going to have to say that my least favorite was math, because the math faculty were far and away the worst teachers in the school (eh, maybe P.E. had worse, but not by much.) English was pretty horrific, too, but I didn't hate it as much because it was a blow off and I rarely did any work at all. Science and history were my favorites, though, with history just slightly in the lead.
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    Of the four options? Math.

    ...And people keep telling me I should become an engineer. Lol, story of my life...

    (Though, to be fair, I don't truly dislike math, it's just my least favorite of the four.)

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    science because it isn't taught in the right way.
    personally, i enjoy them all.

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    I was a maths major for a while, so obviously I enjoyed it in high school. English was also pretty cool once we got passed semantics and moved on to more conceptual things like themes. I never really got into the sciences for some reason, probably because they didn't tickle my sense of curiosity. I mean if I were the one asking the questions, if I were the one going 'hmmmmmm I wonder how that works' and then went on a journey to discover a scientific explanation, that could be real fun. That's just not how they teach it though. A lot of science became a memory-fest, which although I can handle, really doesn't tickle my fancy. History was kind of the same. It was probably just the way it was taught, but I cringed every time I had to memorise specific events or dates. As I get older, I realise just how little history I know and I spend a bit of effort brushing up on it. It's actually kind of fun when you get to focus on the more general, ideological things. Conclusion: it's not that any subject has more to offer or is intrinsically more interesting, it's just the way that its taught that gets me interested or bored.
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