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    Thumbs up Earthships, Organic Farms and Gap Years

    Wow. Where to begin?

    So for the past month I've been in Central Georgia on an internship building an earthship, a radically sustainable home that is built with recycled materials and is completely off the grid. These buildings purify water that is caught from the rain, generate electricity by wind and solar means and heat and cool themselves through passive solar convection.

    Here are some pictures from the final week of the build.

    What a ride. People came from all over the world to help build this structure; Ireland, Sweden, Iran, Canada, Mexico, France, Colombia and all over the United States. I've made friends and connections around the world, and my eyes have been opened to the world around me. I want to explore!

    In addition, I've never been happier than I am right now. Every day I wake up before sunrise, work with my hands and I come home tired and hungry. I sit by the campfire and eat delicious vegetarian food that comes from a local organic farm and go to bed no later than 10. I'm dirty, smelly and haven't showered in over a week. And damnit I love life lol.

    What's truly important is that my expectations for myself have risen so much in just this one month. My feeling of intimacy with the world around me has also strengthened. While I've always had a concern for environmental sustainability, I've developed a desire for environmental creativity. Part of this is because of the earthship, another part of it is having stayed on a small organic farm while building this structure, and part of it is having been part of a small global tribe for the last month. It's much easier to care about the world around you when you care about the people who are affected by it.

    I've also come to the realization that I want to take a gap year and travel. I've been invited to stay on an ecovillage that's halfway between Toronto and Ottowa this summer. I've been told about WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), which allows you to stay on an organic farm and be given food and shelter in exchange for work. It's a great way to travel with very little money and there is no better way to become familiar with a culture than to get close to its food.

    My head is still reeling. I'll be posting more after I've integrated my experiences here.
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    Good thing ! Mind the gap: http://prayingtodarwin.files.wordpre...cdd802fc82.jpg

    Look at that totally cool too:

    They use the rotation for all sorts of things, like aligning the solar panels in the right direction and they can even recycle their garbage themselves. An engineers dream

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    Give an ENFJ a slice of nature and a social goal, then just sit back and watch them joygasm over it.
    Very cool . I'm digging the aesthetic.
    Make it happen, and definitely post along the way. I live vicariously through these things, since I don't know if/when I'd be inclined to do anything similar.
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    That's cool... I'm quite interested in this kind of stuff myself. It's nice to build something yourself...

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    That's tremendous, Brendan. I'm very interested in these things. Has it helped you choose between the Architecture or Sustainability programs? I hope your gap year goes just as positively.
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