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    Default What are the benefits of including creativity and art in every day of your life?

    I was just reading an interview with a band I like (Titus Andronicus) where the singer was talking about drawing and playing guitar or otherwise being creative.

    I play guitar or mandolin every day, and make a very strict point of doing so. Lately I've also been drawing more, and I occasionally write. I attempt to create original works when doing these things (in oppose to playing a song someone else wrote or whatever) and otherwise do wacky experiments.

    I wonder what the benefits are psychologically of doing creative things every day. How would my life be different if I was to cease these activities? How would someone who does not do anything creative's life change if they were to start doing creative things on a daily basis?

    What kinds of creative things do you do?

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    I try to play guitar and sometimes other instruments every day. Sometimes I'll try to write some original stuff. Sometimes I will work on other writing projects (like trying my hand at writing a spec script for a sitcom). This is the kind of stuff I have to do, or I'd feel tremendously unfulfilled. I think for some, creative/artistic endeavors are as necessary as breathing and eating. For some, it's just not as important. Other members of my family don't seem to have as much of a need to create.

    From my experience, being creative leads to greater creativity. You open yourself up to more inspiration, new ways of thinking. The more you do it, the more you're able to accomplish, and the better you get. Ideas come faster. Confidence builds. And I feel more connected to myself, too. I feel like this is stuff I do for me, for enjoyment, not obligation.
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    Ugh that's a good question. I'm a hypocrite, I see myself as being creative, I think it is very important, but I have nothing to show for it. I'm a poet from time to time, but I write so infrequently that I'm not sure that I qualify. I may write like 2 UNFINISHED poems every year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GZA View Post
    I wonder what the benefits are psychologically of doing creative things every day.

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    Administering creativity makes things less boring. It's therapeutic though, mostly. It feels good to make something new.

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    I used to do many creative things.
    Crafts, writing poetry, drawing. Last year I attempted writing a novel and sewing. Recently, I'm attempting to paint.

    It lets me zone out and focus on something for a while, rather than being clouded by a hoard of other thoughts and things. I feel very stuck if I've not been creative for a good while. I do have a lot of trouble with applying imagination though. I'm very out of tune with myself in that regard. Overall, the self-expression is just a good way to feel like myself, even if everyone else is self-expressing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snuggletron View Post
    It's therapeutic though, mostly. It feels good to make something new.
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    I need to be creative, otherwhise I feel like my head is going to explode.
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    My main creative hobby is origami, though I also go to Step class at the gym and there is some creativity involved to change some of the routines to make them harder. I also haunt a certain forum where I've creatively made over 600 posts to seem like I'm nicer and smarter than I truly am

    As for what you gain from such hobbies, the act of creating something out of nothing is rewarding in itself, but you also get to show off what you've created as well, whether it is a poem, a piece of craft or even a computer program.
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    Man, I can't imagine my life if I didn't have the ability to be creative. That's the one thing that stops me from being bored, from becoming a vegetable. If I don't allow myself that outlet, then I lose a lot of hope in my every day life because it seems so mundane.

    I currently draw, photoshop, dance, sing, create new make up looks, design clothing and write. I'm teaching myself to put together sound quality videos so I can expand my creativity into another field. I LOVE learning about new ways to put my heart and emotions into something that can be seen, heard, felt, tasted or smelt. It's a fulfilling experience.
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