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    Default Panoramic photography

    I've been trying to expand and develop my photography skills, particularly when it comes to natural subjects and landscape photos, and have come to see that taking panorama images is the next step in helping my photography to evolve. What are your tips/tricks/secrets to taking good panorama images?

    Here are a few examples of my first attempts. I think these were 4 images at most. I did not realize at the time that the proper way to rotate the camera is about its lens (as opposed to my face/eyes ). As such, many of my photos have that warped sky appearance. I'd greatly appreciate some constructive criticism on these.

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    Great choice of environment to shoot; lots of interesting things to look at. I highly suggest, however, to pay more attention in composing your shots. Design your shots. Try framing your shot with the horizon line either higher or lower than your normal eye level. That way you can break the mundane-ness of simply having it look like a snapshot of a landscape. The last photo, for example, has the horizon line way up higher on the picture plane so that you have the whole mountain and landscape in view with little sky. I found this one much better than the first and third which had equal sky and equal land.

    Try and get some foreground elements in your shots. The ones you've posted have middle and background elements, but something in the foreground will really make it pop. The first one has got some trees in the foreground and that really helps make the sense of distance much more apparent. You could bring out some details in those trees by lightening it a bit with fill light or with the dodging tool in whatever photo-editing program you're using.

    The second photo could have been better designed. The two hills on either side of the picture are too equal in size and they're both fighting for attention. But I think some good cropping can make it better. Try and keep dominant/subordinate shapes in mind while shooting.

    After shooting and combining your shots, you can also process your shots to really emphasize what you want the viewer to see in your picture. Push the contrasts. You can try adjusting saturation too or even try converting it to greyscale if it looks better in black and white. Carefully cropping your image can also help a lot, but it can also look terrible if you do it wrong. But that's the great thing about digital darkroom techniques where you can adjust however much you need to get the result you want.

    About the camera rotation, it really depends whether you want it in more accurate perspective or warped. So there's really no "wrong" way to rotate it. You can experiment with that.

    Keep shooting!

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    Haha I read the title as Panoramic Pornography!
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    put your camera on tripod, take 2-4 shots from every spot with different exposures, every time you rotate the camera on tripod, rotate it like half to 2/3rd frame.

    why 2-4 frames each spot? your camera seems to blow up the high lights in the sky pretty hard, so you need to make hdr pics
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