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    sure OK but even for the moon and its power/ability to do moonly stuff, Ptolemy has it pretty much nailed, however anyone with an unaspect moon will be different again.

    Typically speaking Moon in aries will have firey emotions/competative, in saggie - happy go lucky, in leo - show offy
    In air, Gemini = needs things light/conceptunal - too much reallity bums them out, Libra need partners/relationships, aqua - need to have social networks
    Earth = taurus needs resources/possetions/money etc, Virgos need to look after/nurture in a fussing tidy up type of way - often brining up siblings, Capricorn are gold diggers and come with expectations of payback
    Water = cancers will mother and nurture, Scorpiors will want your deepest darkest secretes so they can manipulate you, Pisces will take your sorrows as your own but might drown themselves in the process.

    No moon is expressed bigger because of sign alone than any other, just differently. A well aspected moon has lots of outlets, a badly aspected moon struggles to commune with itself and may over boil. Also if a moon is within a group it's power to dominate or be dominated holds true. A nice cuddly pisces moon who couldn't do enoguh for you, when poosed by Pluto will be a power hungry super bitch - potentially

    I'd also debate that the moon is about ego - which is far more Mar's job, the moon is about emotional and personal resources, about maternal instincts and how to create or distroy security. Ego is Mars' role rather than the moons.

    I see from your first page you ignore the Ascendant, as you get more familuar with astrology the angles become progressively more important. My Ascendant is not a massive trigger in my chart because I have a a stellium on one end and a hard core planet on the other - hence difficult for me to work with the ascendant on its own. However my MC/IC access are really uneque in my chart and the node crossing these points are timed with MASSIVE changes in my life. The node crossed my MC and my mum died (on the day it happend), it crossed my IC and I went to University as a mature student. It's less obvious on my Asc/Dec axis, but reconsider rulling them out.

    As for Horoscopes, if they are written by a compotent astrology they are writtenf ro zero degrees of an ascendant sign, therfore if you ascendant is between 0-10 of a sign, then read that scopre, if it's 20-30 then read ajasant sign to your rising sign. The events in the scope will be right because the planets in transits will be correct within house, Big issue is 10-20 degrees rising is more troublesome because soem planets in transits will be right for your rising and some for the adjasant sign. Not trying to flog you horoscopes, simply pointing out they are systematically flawed and if you know enough astrology and are born at either end of a rising sign, you can make them work for you.

    Good luck with your studies, its an interesting subject that you could loose yourself in.

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    Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think we may be running into a semantics thing with the term "ego" but I will look into the Mars as possibly being the better fit in that case.

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    One way of checking out how a planet impacts you is to look at major aspects happenign to it from the heavy hitters.

    Saturn to the moon (even sometimes possitive effects) can bring out an emo crisis

    Uranus to the moon makes you change homes

    Neptune to the moon and it could mean emo deception or falling in love big time

    Pluto is major emo transformation.

    Mars is about ego and about drive and motivation etc - Hence have a look at the aspects to this, it's likely to be when you are at your most wilful.

    Still good for you to look at these, and almost everyone has conflicting charts, when one first learns astrology one begins to look at northern and sother hemisphers and left and right, then balance of the elements and the conflicts between. Most people suffer from inner turmoil of sorts, infact some of the most sucessful people materialy have the most hideously conflicted charts, they drive through lack of susstation of their ego energies - ie not enough of something (money social standing, power etc). Saturn can cause this drive too.

    Enjoy your studies

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    My fascination has arisen again regarding this subject so i've pulled out Astrology, Psychology and the four Elements, an energy approach to astrology & its uses in the counselling arts but i am struggling on 2 areas at present ..

    So i'm
    Ascendent: Pisces 4 d
    Sun: Aries 17 d
    Moon: Leo 28 d
    Mercury: Pisces 25 d
    Venus: Pisces 12 d
    Mars: Aries 00 d
    and the rest of it

    So my questions are .. What do the degrees mean and how are they relevant? and also I have only become more dreamy with age, i used to be the go get them Aries .. So is this set in stone or can we potentially change areas we are not best pleased with?

    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
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