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    check out,, and amazon. often ~1/3 less than brick and mortar price. amazon often has free shipping in tv's, and presumably no tax either. people here keep telling me to go with ultimate electronics if you wanna buy in person from a store

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott N Denver View Post
    amazon has some really great prices on the panasonic S2 models, Panasonic TC-P58S2, and you can do 58" or 65", or smaller. Mistubishi has some really huge 3D DLP's, [60, 65, 73, 82"], and I currently own one of their 60".
    We have the 65" DLP in our family room. It's great but Panasonic was my husbands second choice. I don't remember exactly what the Mistubishi ran but it was under $1000 from Paul's TV on some unreal sale this summer. The 3D package was around $300 I think. Anyway it's great. The kids use it for Xbox gaming, no complaints. Personally I use it for sports, movies and things like Discovery channel viewing. I agree with Amazon, we also considered buying from there.
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