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sounds good to me...it's less than paying off the other one and this is your dream car...you're saving close to 3k and getting something you'd rather have...i say good job man!
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So far the lesson i am not learning in life is 'Sod it, lets go for it' .. As i did today and will be feeling the repercussions on Monday.

I'd say sleep on it (not the car) and make a decision when you're not having a shitty day

Or Sod it, go for it .. Lol
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No. Unless you have a dream to replace the old one.
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As a cautionary, cars that haven't been driven much can also have problems, particularly since time erodes on hoses, gaskets and irritating little minor details. Unless you're a knowledgeable, hands-on weekend mechanic, this kind of stuff can eat away at your money, time and patience.

Limited movement can cause grooves in strange places in both areas of handling and performance.
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An old car driven short distances at a time by someone too old to remember to change the oil? Sounds like a car that will spend more time at the mechanic than on the road.
Hehe, thanks to you all, those are all really quite versatile opinions on one topic and I love it when that happens .

I've slept over it for some nights now ( in fact I am sick since I openend this thread here, the last two weeks were a bit hard and this prolly payback now ): I havent told my gf about my plans and I wont go further down on them. I've just gotten rid of the old car credit if I start a new one now, this will just cost me nerves. It's good to know tho that the credit institute would give it to me, I made a request and they granted me up to $ 10,000. I tho really hate credits, I even have a prepaid mobile so thy dont monthly charge me with fees, so I wont start a new one for now.

My Dad just bought a 15 year old w124, a 6-cylinder in the limited sportline edition. We are working on that at the moment, to get it up to its old shining glory again.

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I don't really have much of an opinion one way or another, I just think it's funny you posted a picture of a 190E 2.5-16v Evolution II as an example of what "a 190 looks like".
Haha, this was the built-in easter egg, grats you found it . No you're of course right, I'ld like to have an evo but couldnt afford it. I think they still go for like 15,000 dollar. You could turn with some attaching parts the 190 E into an evo tho and only the knowing eye would know