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Thread: I need a hug

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    Although I feel much better today, I still feel bad that I overreacted to the incident. I told the head of the hiring committee in no unclear terms that I felt insulted that I couldn't get a job I once had and did well. I'm sure that comment will forever put me on their DO NOT HIRE list. Yet I felt like at the time I HAD to say it. That's inferior Fe for you.

    Oh well, there are other jobs. And the districts attitude of brushing off people who have worked there before and done well suggests its not a place I want to be.

    I also feel bad that some things just get to me so much. For a Ti dominant type, I'm certainly not a thick skinned person. Yesterday, I was crying over the incident, then I thought about how I hate myself for being so damn hypersensitive and that just made me cry even more.
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    Have another to add to the collection.

    Although i know we should roll with the punches, find the positives etc etc .. A damn good cry and releasing that inner tension is not a bad thing at all.

    I was unemployed last year for 11 months and at one point i'd of been happy to get rejection letters, which i very rarely got just some form of acknowledgment.

    This too shall pass
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    Well, if you're in the states....things are a little bad don't beat yourself up. In the institutions where I have worked the Human Resources dept. is really very detached from say the dept where you may have once worked. They have their own batch of concerns to address that may not co-incide at all with your previous performance it may not be worth the stress of wondering why they (HR) may have passed you up. You don't have to stop reminding them that you're an upbeat way. I understand your a teacher and a librarian you make an important contribution to society and I admire you for that.
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    If I didn't actually see a valid reason to give you one, I'd tell you to go to the NF brothel, but you seem to really need one so...

    *awkward hug*

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