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    I sleep exactly when I intend to! (which can be either late, or early! or neither!!)

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    Amateurs! There is a point where a very, very late sleeper becomes a very, very early sleeper and vice versa..somewhere around midday, right?
    Okay, it usually isn´t quite that bad, totally depends on whether or not I am sitting on a specific project that has to get done.
    I hated every single day I had to keep to an external schedule and definitely enjoy my current freedom. So yeah, I´m a night owl by nature. But if I have to get up early to keep a deadline, to my own suprise, the morning hours are among the most productive. Sometimes I even use diagrams of REM phases to determine when to sleep and how long to sleep intermittently during work marathons (which are usually followed by several days of rest). Probably not very healthy.
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