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    Your real name? Learning the real name may be nice. I'm not sure if I would share mine.

    Your age? I am fine with saying it one day. I have only twice here mentioned but a false age and I quite regret it. Happy I rid myself of one of them.

    Your birthday? I do not mind telling anyone who asks.

    Your city of residence? Hmm I might say it sometimes. The past year I've been moving around back and forth from the UK, middle east and to a lesser extent east asia so I've not been content on my staying at one particular place.

    Pictures of you? I'm fine showing my picture through certain means.

    Your email address? I do not mind telling anyone who asks. I generally use 2 emails.

    Your IM username? I barely, if ever, go on IM. I cannot remember mine.

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    Usually, nothing aside age & country. Maybe one or two pictures, but only for a short amount of time, and I dislike showing the face because it could be tracked down. I have a separate email account only for forums etc.

    Yeah, I know, I'm paranoid. But I just like being anonymous, partly also because I'm normally too shy to talk about personal issues.
    They say I only think in form of crunching numbers.....
    -Fall Out Boy

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    Your real name?

    First name only.
    Yes. I'm Alex, good to meet you

    Your age?
    Yes. I'm 22 \o/

    Your birthday?

    Your city of residence?
    Yes. Rochester, NY

    Pictures of you?
    Sure. I've posted a few in the past.

    Your email address?
    Hells no.

    Your IM username?
    See above.

    Basically, I don't want this online identify and my significant real-life activities/information to interact.
    The probability that I was procrastinating when I was typing this post:

    P(have big assignment due) = 0.6
    P(posting on TypoC) = 0.2
    P(having big assignment due | posting on TypoC) = 0.7

    P(posting on TypoC | having big assignment due) = .......

    Eh, I'll finish it later.

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    Your real name? Only my first name to a very limited number.

    Your age? No.

    Your birthday? No.

    Your city of residence? No.

    Pictures of you? Yes, a few publically and a few in private albums.

    Your email address? No.

    Your IM username? No.

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    Which of the following are you willing to share about yourself on online forums such as this one?

    Your real name? nope
    Your age? sure
    Your birthday? maybe. i wouldn't put my full bday in a profile but i might mention it
    Your city of residence? no. i've mentioned my region though
    Pictures of you? nope
    Your email address? i have a few different emails. i'd share one that doesn't include my real name
    Your IM username? haha, i haven't used IM in forever. i facebook chat.

    i'm kinda paranoid in general when it comes to the internet. doesn't have anything to do with not trusting any of you guys personally, but i had a friend who was stalked and i just don't feel like there's a huge gain in putting my info out there. almost everything can be discussed without it.

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