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    This is a curious question for me, as someone who does not have any kids. I remember one time asking my INFP mom, in a hypothetical life and death situation, where she could save only one, would she choose her daughter or her mother.

    She got terribly upset by the question and refused to answer me. She loved her mom, and I loved my grandma. Because.....she was all kinds of awesome. But, she has now passed for quite some time. I remember just being curious about the question, and trying to figure out its implications, so I had asked.


    I know it doesn't answer the question of the thread, but I'm thinking of my own self, and it's hard to imagine ever choosing my imaginary kids over my beloved real mom. I'm more interested in how/if that shift ever happens.

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    SO would, but I'd only have one that didn't go out of their way to make me choose.

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