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    Default Use Me, Says TypoC

    I've been spending a lot of time here on TypoC, which is a bit of a turn around. I had stated before on another forum that I looked down on people who spent too much time on forums. But, I was a much crankier person back then, and maybe a bit envious of other's free time.

    I admit, besides gaining the benefits of an online space, I have motives here. I am trying to accomplish and learn specific things. Why are you here?

    Personally, I'm kind of finishing off my an adolesence that never completed, but I'm really too old, and have too many responsibilities to do all that kind of expirimenting that you get to do when you're young. So, I'm kind of shaking it out here so when I ease into rl, I'm not a complete freakshow. In the process, I'm meeting some cool people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlippoth View Post
    Why are you here?
    I just come in to post some nonsense now and again and catch up with people I know.

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    On a forum, you can skip over the content you don't find interesting and respond to that which you do. The appeal is irresistible.

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    I guess I like the people here. I can be myself and talk nonsense if I want to. The forum is a bit like a diary to me, but instead of normal diaries it talks back. Okay, I know it's other people who talk back, but because lots of people here hide their faces and only consist of text, I sometimes don't notice they're people and I feel like as if it is the forum that's talking.
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    I wanted to post on a forum about something but I don't want to put much effort into my posts, so here I am!

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